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I should probably work on a new post


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Profile of a Mizo badass – Ropuiliani

Before we go any further let me get this straight – all Mizos are badasses. Although we may not be the snake-eating-burmese-oppressing-martial arts experts the rest of the world think of us to be, we can hold our own against any force of evil that be against us. But even in a tribe of badasses, you get the super-badasses, those badasses whose asses are so bad that they need special mention in a super-cultured blog as this. The members of the badass Hall of Fame if you may. And in that Hall of Fame, the flame of Ropuiliani will forever forever burn brightly in honor of the great service she, yes, it’s a she – did in maintaining the badass image of the Mizos.

Before we go into the badassness of Ropuiliani, we have to delve a bit into the life of her ancestors to illustrate the kind of badass blood that flowed through the veins of this great She-chief.

Her father Vanhnuailiana is probably one of the greatest Mizo chiefs of all time. Like all real badasses, nobody knows the exact year of his birth. He came from a long line of badass royals. His great-grandfather was a wily tactician named Lallula who masterminded a plan to lure the tormentors of his people with the promise of food, wine and bounty and then kill all of them minus 3. History will forever remember that day as ‘Thlanrawn Rawt’. Like all real men, Lallula has several sons and daughers and the eldest was named Lalpuiliana. Curiously, Lalpuiliana was sick quite often. Now, you might argue that no badass worth his salt would ever spawn a weakling that gets sick all the time. However you must remember that this was a time when the only cure you have for any disease is to cut a chicken in half and offer the blood to some animistic god and hope for a miracle. Therefore, if you managed to spawn a creature that can survive its infancy, you are officially a badass.
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Security issue while booking tickets through IRCTC

Most of us would have either used or at least know about the IRCTC service. It’s a government of India undertaking where you can book your train tickets online using a host of payment options. To book a ticket, you need to create an account on the website and simply choose your destination, ticket class and payment options and you’re done – highly convenient if you hate standing in line for a ticket and dealing with rude agents.

In normal circumstances, you will need to enter your username and password to see your ticket status and payment details. This means that only you or someone who knows your password can access your booking information. But I recently discovered by accident that this can be easily circumvented by a simple modification of the url.

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And now, a note from our sponsors….

I’ve been meaning to update the blog for a while now. I do have a lot of ideas but not enough material to write a full post about (an excuse for being lazy). So I thought I’d introduce you to the guys with whom I’m exchanging publicity for freebies. You might have noticed the two links on the left side of the blog, it’s theirs. They provide several free and paid stuff and provide good online service as well. But that’s enough from me, I’ll let them explain their services themselves:

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Disclaimer: This is an attempt at humour and satire. If you are offended by any of the remarks and things written herein, well, you are offended by them. If you want the official history of Mizoram, look elsewhere. Go.

In the beginning (plagiarism + blasphemy alert!)
After God created Adam and Eve. He decided to do a little experiment. He said “Let me make a new race of people, cover them with hair, and put them in the hottest place on earth. They will be blessed with immense intelligence but to even the field, I will give them the funniest accent on earth”.

So he created Indians (Not Native Americans, the real Indians. The one Columbus was actually looking for).

Then God said, “Let me create another bunch of people. I’ll give them intelligence like the Indians. They will excel in science and engineering and make many amazing discoveries. I’ll also give them a funny accent like the Indians, and instead of hair, I’ll give them small stilted eyes.

And that’s how the Chinese are created.
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An Announcement

Man!! That’s a boring title!! Seriously? ‘Announcement’?

Actually, it’s kind of important. When I started out on this blog, it was meant to be a blog centered mainly around technology and stuff related to computers (and that too the real stuff aka nothing about Counter Strike or DoTA or Zuma). However, I quickly found out that I don’t know a whole lot about technology or computers to actually blog about it. So, I changed the theme of the blog to ‘whatever the hell comes to my mind’ and found out that it’s a little bit easier this way.

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