Posted by: The Chhamanator | May 31, 2007

Look ma, I’m famous!!

Well, well. Here I am at 2:52 in the morning typing words for my new blog. The Allahabad weather is hot but it doesn’t prevent me from having the flu. I shouldn’t have played football in the rain on Independence Day. And the crappy thing is we lose lost lose (if you are universal) / lost (if you are non-universal) by 5 goals to 3. With our first Mid Semester test coming up, I really don’t have time to fall sick. So, Dear Lord, don’t let the flu worsen, please.

Anyway, It’s time for bed and I’m going now. After I check my profile on Orkut….



  1. “…we LOST by 5 goals to 3”, not LOSE

  2. i think LOSE is also fine… makes it a more of an universal statement

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