Posted by: The Chhamanator | August 17, 2007

India’s Independence Day, make that India’s Thanksgiving Day

India's Independence

India celebrated her 60th Independence Day on 15th August. We have to thank our leaders who worked tirelessly and unselfishly in order to win freedom for the country. Many of them lose their life fighting for a just cause, so that the next generation would enjoy a free and privileged life which had been denied to them and for this we are eternally grateful. Now, let’s think beyond that….

India receives its independence from British rule after they occupied our land for more than 300 years. During their stay in our country, they mercilessly exploited the resources of India and conducted a massive Economic drain the like of which had never been seen before in the history of human civilization. Many Indians suffered and died in the hands of the Colonial Masters and India had to suffer a backlash for decades before becoming what is is today.

Its true the British are to blame for many of the evils that have plagued India today. But let this 60th Day of Independence be a day of Forgiveness and be a Day of Thanksgiving. Let us be thankful for the British for making us a united nation we are today. Because let’s face it, had the British not come to our country, India would probably be divided between the hundreds of Nizams, Sultans and Maharajahs and India as we know it will never exist.

Also the British brought the Industrial Revolution into India. Many factories and industries were set up by the British and after the left the country, India began utilizing these resources for its rebuilding process. Also, it was the British who introduced the concept of modern education in India and their influence is still seen in many of the elite educational institutions of the country. It’s a known fact that most of the top educational institutes of modern India were started by the British. And being a Christian, I am grateful for the British Missionaries who brought Christianity to India.

So, let this Independence Day be a day of Forgiveness, Understanding and Thanksgiving so that our children and their children will learn that India can forgive and move on to become a global superpower in less than a century after the chain of Imperialism was lifted from it. Jai Hind!



  1. Jai Hind …. i wonder if we (Mizoram) were still under British Colony, i think we would be much more better than being a ‘CHINKY’ part of mother India…we were adopted….. anyway im thankful to the British for bringing Christianity to our land and now we have eternal life

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