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5 things i hate about MNNIT

Please note: This is a personal view that I wrote during my first few months at MNNIT and in most cases it does not reflect my current opinion of MNNIT. I have since graduated and I have mostly good things to say about MNNIT. Don’t read it as a ‘guideline’ about what the institute is but rather take it as one person’s experience during his first few months at MNNIT.

It’s been a little over two months since I set foot on the dryland of development a.k.a Allahabad. I’ve seen things I have never seen before, ate food I have never eaten before and did many things I have never done before. To be absolutely frank, MNNIT was never my first choice of institute. Heck, it was never on my list of options. It was a choice between Trichy, Surathkal and Warangal. But as fate would have it, I ended up in this economic wasteland where the most hardcore non-vegetarian dish seems to be an omlette (but more on that later).

Taking all these into consideration, the following article lists the 5 things I hate about MNNIT in particular and the city of Allahabad in general. Take note, though, that my impressions on first reaching the Institute and my impressions now has changed considerably. So, in the future, what I hate now may be the one I get to like most. Here comes the list:

5. The name

Let me get this straight – I have nothing against Motilal Nehru or any of the Nehru clan. In fact, I don’t remember hating anyone I have never met. But the name MNNIT makes it look like some private institute where they sent off their engineering graduates into Call Centres and claim to have a 100% placement record. To a person interested in engineering, MNNIT is a respected brand name, but for the common man, it does not seem to command the same respect as a ‘plain’ NIT as in the case of Trichy, Warangal or even Calicut.

To be honest, most institutes are riding on their good name and when even a layman knows the institute you’re attending, you have a great bragging right to go along with a good education. Just think, MNIIT,Kanpur and IIT Kanpur doesn’t inspire the same respect to the public does it?

4. “Interaction”

Just one question – “If it’s such a useful and necessary thing, wouldn’t all the elite universities (Stanford, Harvard, Cambridge) implement it as well?”. I rest my case..

3. The Climate and the infrastructure

Living in a city where the temperature ranges from -2 degrees to 48 degrees Centigrade and trying to study at the same time is not my idea of fun. Wikipedia claims Allahabad experiences all the four seasons. To me, there are two seasons in Allahabad, The Muddy Season (when it rains) and The Dusty Season (when it doesn’t rain). These two seasons can be included in a single season – Cowdung season.

2. The food

Allahabad in genearal is a very vegetarian city. You have to go to great lengths to get a good non-veg meal. MNNIT is even worse. The food served in all the hostels is completely vegetarian. Even for a vegetarian, the food is barely edible. This is my fifth hostel and MNNIT food ranks second lowest and barely surpasses St. Anthony’s College’s Stephen Hall‘s food. That’s not the end of the story, the stalls and restaurants near the Hostels serve only vegetarian meals and are barely better than those you get in the Hostel. Finding a good non-veg food around here is more difficult than finding a picture of Paris Hilton wearing a decent piece of clothing. And I have to be here for 3 years, if I’m lucky, that is…

1. Hindi overdose

Yes, EVERYONE knows Hindi is the national language. And it probably is the duty of every citizen to do his country proud and learn the language. But according to the all-knowing Wikipedia, Hindi is the mother tongue of only 40% of Indians. So, in reality, Hindi speakers are the minority. And while all our lessons and books are in English, isn’t it appropriate to teach the subject in English for a change? After all, this is a NATIONAL Institute of Technology where any student from any corner of the country should be able to study without having a language problem. Yes, I want to learn Hindi more than any other language in the world, but to be honest, I know I will survive the corporate world without knowing a word of Hindi. This attitude of expecting anyone to speak the language just because you are most comfortable with it is the reason why the Institute does not attract non-Hindi speakers and foreign student like other elite Tech School of the country.



  1. well i think every word stated abv is true except the food stuff . u will get accustomed to it . don’t worry abt tht . rest ur views r just to the point . specially first one . mnnit is just a brand name becoz of its placements records . else dismal conditions of mnnit themselves voice out …………………. the reality . gud job chhama .

  2. look at the bright side..u see, vegetarian foods are scientifically proven to be healthier as compared to non-veg. u are automatically protected from suffering various cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis and its aftermath-mainly heart attack, hypertension etc etc..

  3. halo this real cool blog love it dear bro keep it up its interesting…

  4. A bit too bigoted and biased. There has to be somethings good about this institute too that ranks it among the top 10 mca institutes. One should remember we are studying at less than half the fees of five star engineering colleges.Just try and adjust boy, you will get used to to everything and before u know it you will be back to mizoram with a 10.5 package.

  5. well..for all who doesn t know..chhama is my cousin bro..u hv made a cool site..bro..this is my first time visiting so ill keep it proud of u for being in mnnit..dont be sad

  6. whoaa….same wit me bro…me too have language problem here in Amity…but my friends are good enough to teach me some Hindi..i think im progressing…bout the foods its also non-veg here but wit great taste…:D …luh man a to bok a ei leh in leh facility cu thra bon top top…. :)) anyway..vegies are good for u,keep smiling,keep eating so u’ll be strong like Popeye …..keep on survivin..when 3years ends u know u r way gonna b higher than me πŸ™‚ ei pennn penn mai roh…poilo re re πŸ˜€

  7. @ maroa ….
    this is not site.. this is blog πŸ™‚ lolzzz

  8. ya u r right chhama
    bt i really feel sorry 4 u & even others who r nt north-indians bcoz all might be suffering d same way,right?
    bt no worries wid time u’ll somehow gt used to it & d only problem of food which u r having(bcoz v all r also having probs wid all the other 4) will come 2 an end.
    By d way y dont u try to explore alld, might be u gt some restaurant u would like…………….
    & good work as usual. keep goin……….

  9. Sir rinawma’n a tih fo kha,, hrehawm hmasak kha a ngai a ni..nakinah i la chhuang dawn chauh siah..This is your path to becoming a MAN..hehe..just kidding, but seriously, regret will not change your position now,,..but, do keep up the good work,love visiting your blog..just humorous..really

  10. oye…whoever you r…Let me tell u that u r a big IDIOT..
    if u cant respect the institute that educate u…gives u a direction to move ahead in life, then u dont have any right to study there….u idiot stupid..typical regional fellow…

    • VEG food is HOLYSHIT only, then too MNNIT Mess Staffs. Its like poops only. Fucking shit!!! I agree with you!!! You SHUT UP!!! Why we should respect this college? Your Holly Directer whoever got 96lakh Rupees from government just for Fucking guards. What they are doing!!! Think about 96 lakhs per year.

  11. Thank you for your honest comment. It’s an honour to have a visitor all the way from Tulsiwasi, Mumbai. Please read the title carefully, its ‘5 things I hate about MNNIT’ and not simply “I hate MNNIT”. Now i assume you are an ex-MNNIT-ian. Do you really like all the things about MNNIT? For example, would you rather have a cool climate and not the blistering summer heat of Allahabad? Of course I like MNNIT, why else would I go here? Its not as if I have no other choices. But there are some things you’ld rather not have and there are some things you wish would change. This is what the post is all about. Please re-read the post and provide your honest opinion. In that vein, you might even have some things to add to the list….

  12. Mr chhamanator

    You can visit civil lines area of Allahabad you will find very decent restaurants…..go to the Ganges/sangam sometimes…the city is very peaceful and good place to be in……Moreover if you know the legacy of allahabad, you will get hooked to it
    Also MNNIT is among the best tech institutes of the country

  13. Dear Chhamanator

    i’m telling you because i too am an alumni of NIT Allahabad……..and i liked the city which gave me so much

  14. Chamanator

    I dont know much about Allahabad , but I am afraid that your brutally honest assessment of the cons of MNNIT and Allahabad makes me a bit uneasy given that I, being an NRI have great hopes of studying there.

    What scares me most is the sentence ” Even for a vegetarian, the food is barely edible”.[if this is true] To compound the problem I am a non-vegetarian.

    Questions :

    On #4 What is meant by “Interaction”?

    On #3 Are there AC’s in the hostels ? Are the hostels of freshers as good as those of sophomores and so on ?

    On #1 You mean Hindi is the medium of instruction ? GEEPERS , my hindi is horrible !!!

    What are the timings of the institute ?

    Also , Are the there prayer room(s) in the university ?


  15. Authors on this blog , I would appreciate if you could
    please reply to my above comment .


  16. Dear mazin,

    Our admin who made this post is a bit busy with his own personal work. He will reply to you within a couple of days. I am not in a position to answer u as i haven’t even seen allahabad πŸ™‚

  17. Dear mazin,
    Sorry I couldn’t reply sooner. My laptop conked on me and there’s no way I could access the net. Here are the answers to your questions:

    On #4 What is meant by β€œInteraction”?
    Interaction is the term used for ragging. Although ragging is banned in India, you will experience some form of verbal (physical ragging is not that common) abuses in your first couple of months.

    On #3 Are there AC’s in the hostels ? Are the hostels of freshers as good as those of sophomores and so on ?
    There are no ACs in the hostels. Rooms for freshers as well as seniors are quite crowded.

    On #1 You mean Hindi is the medium of instruction ? GEEPERS , my hindi is horrible !!!
    Yes, many teachers teach in Hindi. Your best bet is to learn it quickly. On the other hand, I still dont know Hindi and I’m still surviving.

    What are the timings of the institute ?
    Classes start at 9 and ends at 6:30. There’s a lunch break between 1:00 and 2:30. This looks like a long time but you dont usually have classes for the whole time.

    Also , Are the there prayer room(s) in the university ?
    There is one shrine near the autitorium

    I’m planning to publish a post titled “An unofficial guide to MNNIT” in a couple of days. Please visit my blog for more info. Thanks

  18. Dear Chamanator,

    1.Ragging surely is a disease , but what kind of abuses do freshers have to stomach ? How do they deal with raggers ? Please elaborate .

    2. How crowded are the rooms of freshers ?

    3. Now I am a muslim , I think the shrine you mentioned is meant for hindus . It’s okay if there is a mosque nearby the university , if not in the university.

    Regards ,

  19. When did you graduate? I can’t tell you for last 7-8 years, but things you said are related to only few people.

    1- Food – You can easily get decent food in Allahabad. Even Non-Vegetarian also. Hostel Mess does not have it though. These mess are run by Students now-a-days, and they should maintain Quality if they want. Moreover, It is rather inexpensive. If you have money, don’t sign up for Mess and get the food from outside all the time. Nobody stops you from doing it.

    2- Hindi overdose – Hindi is not used commonly. I don’t remember even a single class where hindi was used as a medium. All books were in English and teachers always taught in English. It’s common to interact once in a while in Hindi (in or outside classroom), but it was never forced. Moreover Hindi is mother-tongue of India and we should respect that. In my opinion, we should have HINDI -> ENGLISH -> REGIONAL Language order for our primary education. or in some case, ENGLISH -> HINDI -> REGIONAL. Anyway, if you are in MNNIT, you are in Hindi speaking city, and you should expect most of conversation (outside classroom) in Hindi. I would expect the same in NIT Warangal or any other place. Even Stanford or Hardward University will have outside communication in ENGLISH (their native language).

    3- Climate – Yes, I did not like it either, but the problems are compounded by electricity cuts etc which are unfortunately common in many places in India.

    4- Infrastruture – Yes, that can be improved a lot. The computer labs, libraries can be opened all the time. As a computer science student, I can tell that

    There will always be difference in Cultural things. It’s not bad all the time. You did not mention the faculty, but that’s something I would like to point. Those resources were not properly used and we learnt a lot after graduating.

  20. Dear Mazin,
    Here are the answers to your queries:
    1. Ragging is not that bad compared to the IITs and medical colleges. You will be abused verbally but physical abuse isn’t that prevalent. The college took some measure to curb the menace by making all parents and senior students sign a document declaring that they will not take part in any form of ragging but this doesn’t really stop the problem as some students keep ragging the freshers. BTech freshers have to wear an all white uniform for about two months to let them stand out from the other students so that security can know when they are being troubled by the seniors. This is the order of the Dean and not the seniors.
    2. Either 3 or 4 BTech freshers share a room meant for 2 students. There’s enough space for beds and you can squeeze the desks somehow. That’s probably about it.
    3. Yes, the shrine is probably meant for Hindus. I have no idea about mosques, being a Christian myself. I have a Muslim classmate and I’ll try asking him about it.

    Now, you may think MNNIT isn’t that great but this is the situation in almost all the colleges in India. I’ll be happy to answer any additional questions.

  21. @MV, thank you for your heartfelt comment. I hope anyone interested in going to MNNIT reads about it. Your suggestions regarding the faculty inspires me to write a post about each teacher. Thank you

  22. hii to everyone………….thanks bro for pointing out the weaknesses of mnnit,,,,,i am in 3rd year now….am glad tht only 2yrs left……well everybody have thr own priorities and entitled to thr own views……my priority is personal life over professional……i cant sacrifice personal life 4 professional life…a student 4rm a remote place such as azamgarh can find this college and place like heaven……..but a guy like me 4rm hyderabad…….finds this place and college worst…….one advice to fresh batch coming….if ur 4rm any metro then plzzz dont come to this collg…..coz 1st ……u’ll get to see more beautiful girls standing at a bus stop in ur city than in the entire allahabad, 2nd power cut from 10 to 1 everyday and frequently goes for atleast another hour anytime in the evening……….the mess food….4th u cant do wat u want cant eat wat u want cant watch tv wen u want to watch it………and all the workers and incharges are 4rm allahabad……they think the college property belongs to themselves….i hate them….if only killing wasnt a crime
    juniors plzz at this age go to a place which is better than or atleast equal to ur place….and hey its not worth coming so far to study………anyone 4rm south plzzz thr are loadsa decent colleges in hyderabad,chennai and bangalore plzzz dont come here and waste 4 of the best years of ur lives becoz these years wud never come back again….just wish 2 remaining years go in a jiffy

  23. hi all me toO….a student of final yr at mnnit allahabad…..

    ques 1) how is allahabad…???
    .if u r from dubai or NYC or bangalore etc and u wish that all the cities in the country are gonna be the same…..then u r stupid fellows……obviously ald is not that good…but the cllg is not that bad….haan 1 thing fr sure …chicks in ald SUCK!!!!
    waise i also feel allahabad suck (atleast a little)

    ques 2) about the college……??
    for all those south indians, bengalis,punjabis,chinkis,nri and NE guys and other fuckers that get into the college by state reservations…a bad news for u…….NO MORE STATE RESERVATION…so anyways u wont be able to get into the cllg this yr(WHAT A RELEIF!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ )……………
    .i have many frns at south indian cllgs like IIT chennai..vit vellore…etc…and believe me profs speak tamil there/……thts even worse than hindi….and if u compare IIT chennai with IIT kanpur or IIT delhi… i think cllgs of north rock….

    nxt u all r gettin good placements atleast tcs even when u end ur 4 yrs in COUNTER STRIKE,boozing,maikhana,bla bla……………… stop hating ur cllg u loosers……it is much better than many other cllgs in india……same applies to all NRI crap..that comes to the cllg….

    • @Pseudo bullshitcrat : Its sad to see that even after studying for so long, u still neither have the sense nor sensibility to consider India as one, and not to separate between north india and south India.. Pathetic…I mean education did not improve you in any bit… State reservation is a way to guarantee everyone in the country a good chance to study in a good college…and if you loathe it…then u r a pathetic shit…and ur messages convey a tone as if you r superior to people from other parts of long as India has people like you…it would still be divided….pathetic loser u r….

  24. about the raggin
    well it is basically groupwise ragging
    and as far as i have seen the following state people shud worry about it the most
    1) madhya pradesh…. worst…. :shiver
    2)tamil,mallus …bad(but snrs will ultimately be of gr88 help)
    3)rajasthan…. surely u’ll be slapped…..and i don’t think ur snrs are in any way capable of helping u out
    4)punjab…sabse jyada halla machau….ragging moderate level
    5)NE : i m not sure
    5)kanpur, lucknow….will depend on ur luck……
    bihar, gujrat,gulti etc etc all are cool grps…no one’s interested in much ragging

    in the end it wud be ur area senior who wud rag u…..

  25. Hi, I am hoping to join this college this year. I’m from mumbai. However after reading your post, i feel depressed. How’s the college for girls? How are the hostels ? And is this place going to make me very home-sick ? I am keeping my fingers crossed bcoz I want to get in Warangal (my native state is A.P.) and the chances are very slim. So can u please tell me some gud things about this college?

  26. Dear Katy,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Here are the answers to your questions:
    1. How is the college for girls?
    There is a post on blogspot that mistakenly said MNNIT is not good for girls. It is completely false and baseless. Girls’ Hostels are better than the boys’.
    2. If you can speak Hindi, you are not going to get into too much trouble in terms of lectures and conversations. However, like all MNNITians on their first few months, you will indeed feel a little homesick. But this happens to everybody and it will completely disappear once you start making friends and get to know people.
    3. Warangal is probably a better choice for you but since you might not be able to get a seat, MNNIT is the next best thing.
    4. I’m planning to write a post about the good things about MNNIT. Keep visiting this blog for it.

    All things being said and done, MNNIT is still one of the best technical institute in the country. I wish you all the very best and hope that you stayed here and I can assure you that you will enjoy it eventually. Feel free to ask any further questions.

  27. @katy…
    read carefully……..

    IF u come to mnnit and u r a girl then u sahll get ulti importance…
    1)grading system is internal…..copies checked by MATKA(mtechs)….so for girls always [i]balle-balle.[/i]
    2)since there are so few girls ,in each and every event …grls are always in demand…u wud be always asked to take part ….NO COMPETITIONS.
    3)if u r interested in making bfs…[:D]….there are lot of smart and genius boys…..(PLZ I DON’T WANNA HURT ANYONE’S FEELINGS BUT U ALL WUD AGREE THAT EVEN THE WORST CHICKS CAN LIVE THEIR DREAMS OF GETTIN SMART LADS IN MNNIT [:D]………)
    4)on a serious note…even at tym of placements sum companies have policies of taking girls(eg. CISCO)…so thts also good…

    possible problems……ummmm,,……..maybe coz of the location of the institute u may not be able to have that amount of freedom …i.e not many market aareas near the institute…………..but i think the case is same for all NITs

  28. @mazin…
    yes there is a mosque in front of the main gate of mnnit ald…in teliyarganj….

  29. Thanks for the info, now I feel a little better…btw, how is the teaching in mnnit? I am a bit confused actually, I think I can get Chemical engg at nitw and cse at mnnit. which wud be better? I’d prefer cse anyday but considering nit warangal’s reputation , i’m in a dilemma. Also, how friendly is the city for outsiders like me (esp. girls) ? And about the food part…. is it really THAT BAD, i mean does it definitely fall under the category of ” ghaas- pus, and inedible stuff like tasteless subzis and all” ?

  30. @ katy
    I am a senior girl of yours in mnnit. See, I don’t support the theory that mnnit is as bad as some people here are making it out to be. For a Mumbaikar, this place is has no social life ( no decent cinemas, restruants) , true. However, if you consider academics and placements this place rocks. Especially for people in computer science. As far as other colleges are concerned, generally nits are on the outskirts and have their own set of problems. Though there is a general trend of girls getting better marks than guys here but that is because we don’t have counter strike and aoe to plague our lives, so you do have to work hard if you want to get good grades. Computer Science Department specific, there are 3 or 4 teachers who are good and actually know what they are talking about, the rest no comments. No fear your friends would always be there to help you out. The guys front, hmmn, simple fact the guy / girl ratio is 10:1, ( in cse n tronix, other branches have have hardly any or no girls )need I elaborate πŸ˜‰ Food is bad so please learn to cook up something or eat out every weekend to survive the week’s torture.
    Hope to meet you if you do come here πŸ™‚
    N yeah @ others stop complaining guys please.
    The city isn’t that friendly but you wouldn’t be concerned with it, but if your hindi is ok you will survive.
    Again cse is cool !! wid good placements so don’t completely eliminate mnnit from your options

  31. @katy…..(hope admin doesn’t mind my answering the blog again again πŸ˜€ : ) )

    1)teaching—->>>either the senior teachers are too good or too kabada…….boys study on last day…grls i think keep ghoting…


    when it comes to repo…each cllg has a good repo now and all good companies(google,yahoo etc)..visit every college…its on u to grab them

    3)abt city…is warangal a naxalite area???(sum frn told me i m nt sure)………so if it is then hell yeah ald is better….waise normally also ald is quite friendly fr grls

    4)u won’t get food like that at home…& since i have not tasted the food at kngh so can’t tell but ya tagore’s food was real bad……….however now in final yr it seems good(or maybe i m addicted.)…but i don’t think to leave a clg coz of food will be wise

    and wat more u can always get a boy-frn(or a guy-frn) who can take u out for non-veg.. πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  32. @admin…yaar do u think there is raggin in grls hostel…

  33. @katy wat is ur rank in aieee (air and state)??

  34. To “pseudo_technocrat”

    why cuss nri’s? And to tell u there has been no cancellation of seats for nri who come through dasa or spdc scholarship( I dunno bout da rest) …. its one good thing that the Govt of India has done for us ….. after all india’s economy wouldn’t have been so advanced(or developing at this rate) if it were not for nri’s !!

    At mnnit there are 86 seats reserved for nri’s which is cool …;) ….okay okay don’t get fuming πŸ˜‰

    this is how nri’s make thru..the rank is arranged according to ur % in class 12 and and the fee is $4000. per annum ( that’s around 170,500 Rs) . With such high fee that they charge for nri’s .. its unfair to say that nri’s shouldn’t be allowed …

    Anyway I got 83% in class 12 cbse ..and am still optimistic that i will make it thru IIIT or MNNIT Allahabad. There is one guy who I know in IIIT who is from my school here in Saudi Arabia …he got 79% and easily made it thru MNNIT and that 2 in IT branch .

    And it’s not true that nri’s can’t adjust in India cuz they are spoilt brats . I am from Delhi… and whenever I visit India I pretty much get adjusted within 1 month or so.
    The only thing I hate is that I always get sick for a few weeks the water quality is bakvaas…but bottled water is gud…

    Anyway ….enjoyed your thoughtful comments this post …


  35. The nice thing that I like bout MNNIT or ,for that matter, any NIT is the study atmosphere…You know….. it’s a place where you get to study together with the nerdy* academic bigwigs coming from all over India and abroad too .:)

    * = in the Positive sense of the term .

  36. @mazin…
    did u felt bad by my comment 😦 .(hoo!!! m shivering… so shud i worry now coz nxt yr u wud come in 1st yr and will take revenge fr all my comments abt nri’s ….. πŸ˜› chill dude!! juz kiddin….. πŸ™‚ )

    ok lemme clarify………dude i don’t have ny grudges for nybody…. not nri’s not ne ppl ,south indians… etc etc

    it is juz tht i hate ppl regrettin and repenting ( literally cryin) for sumthing they can’t chng..(like mr atif above)..and they cry for things they think wud have been better than what they have can u be so sure that if u wud have gone to sum other cllg u wud have had a better life???…..



  37. @mazin….. don’t worry dude the ppl who cum frm aieee are not nerds…………… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  38. Interesting discussion..keep going O future engineers..

  39. @Pseudo_Technocrat

    I am not worried whether the guys who “cum” from aieee are nerds or not …well…I think nerd is a loaded term…for aieee toppers.. perhaps geeks…. better fit the description of top indian students coming frm aieee…and that’s what so cool …..some 4000 top geeekiest geeks who have come thru aieee… and me…just an ordinary guy who got such a flop rank in aieee…90000 can u believe it !!!and am still optimistic that I would make it thru IIIT or MNNIT…

    Till then ,

  40. @pseudo_technocrat, feel free to answer all of the questions posted. You have more experience and I trust you can answer it honestly.
    Ragging is virtually inexistent in the girl’s hostel as far as I know. I say ‘inexistent’ because some of my female classmates said that the seniors will shout at their freshers whenever they have the chance during the first couple of months. i believe that’s pretty much it.
    @mazin and katy, if you do decide to come here, please tell me so that I can help you in whatever way possible and I’m sure pseudo_technocrat feels the same.

  41. yups…..nytym ppl………

  42. clarification : as a senior from final year and a girl, there will probably be no ragging this time. As it is our year doesn’t take ragging and this time the authorities are going to be even more strict than usual, so rest assured. πŸ™‚

  43. Thanks a lot for the info…And yes, I’m happily hoping that I wud be joining mnnit this year after all the positive posts (thanks “garfield” !) @pseudo_technocrat, my aieee rank is 5321 (air) and state rank is 89. It feels good that people are very friendly here. So….chalo mnnit!!

  44. @garfield, that’s the spirit. I wholeheartedly support you in your cause and sure hope that you are successful. But please know that even if you are unable to eliminate ragging from the institute, i sure hope you will not take part in any such sadistic and thoughtless activities.
    thanks to both garfield and pseudo_technocrat for the insightful comments and i believe you’re both going through placement interviews. Wish you all the best and I’m sure you’ll get the great placement you deserve.
    Let’s make a list of the things we like/love about MNNIT and publish a joint post on this blog. Just write those in the comments section and i’ll compile it into a new post. Lets show the world that MNNIT is still one of the best damn institute in the country….

  45. ya sure i m “ever-ready”…if miss garfield is ready………..LETS WORK TOGETHER… [:D]

  46. he he he πŸ™‚
    agreed !

  47. ok then lets meet….and work out a plan….[:P]

  48. I would like to know one thing….

    when is the institute opening and when are the classes starting … and by what date do we have to report at the institute?

  49. I am joining for the MBA course this year..Got 79.47%tile in CAT..I am from Kanpur and will be reaching by 18th..How is the CV Raman Hostel? and what is the ragging situation in MBA courses?

    I have heard that Ragging is done even at MBA level.Is it true?

  50. Raman Hostel is probably the best hostel in the institute along with the PG hostel. Usually, MBA guys will not be ragged. Last year, the seniors tried to rag the MBA freshers but the freshers reported the incident to the teachers and nobody dared to rag them after that. So it’s basically up to you the freshers whether you are ragged or not.

  51. @Mazin, please check the insitute website for those information. I think you will have to arrive by the 17th at the latest.

  52. ok..Can I know about the placement of MBA program? And do B Tech guys have any kinda interaction with the MBA guys? or is it a totally different stream?

  53. I never knw that u can’t ask about placements n all here..can you tell me just a simple question..Will there be any kinda interaction between MBA n Btech students?

  54. @anurag, please check the institute website regarding placements. BTech will interact with BTech and MCAs with MCAs.

  55. I see that this post has yielded some fruit. hehe

  56. You seem like a just whiny baby who has never gone out of your house before this. MNNIT is one of the premier institutes and is being rated in top 10-15 consistently. You should be proud that you are in a holy city where Non Veg is not so common. And boy, being 40% doesn’t make hindi minority…next language spoken is only about 10%….so you better learn it.

    I hope you learn to accommodate and adjust to new things in life. Believe me, you can always find a reason to whine.

  57. @Ravindra Kumar, for your information this just happens to be my fifth hostel and the fouth state I have stayed in. So, you are completely off the mark with your first observation. I know enough to see what sucks and what is an acceptable fault with the system.
    It’s true than MNNIT is usually rated amongst the best technical institutes in the country but if you follow the news you will know that it has consistently slipped in the rankings for the past several years now and many people have started ranking it below many of the NITs. In fact, according to the Times Of India, over 90 students have left the college this year and are looking for admission in private engineering colleges. It’s time MNNIT stops hiding behind the illusional cloak of grandeur and face the facts before we are permanently left behind.
    Regarding your ‘holy city’ comment. If you’ve been in Allahabad for any duration you will quickly learn that Allahabad is a city of holy places but is far from the holy city and important city it used to be. Even though I am a complete outsider here, it is painful to see the corruption that has crept into the minds of the citizens of this once holy city.
    About the 40% stuff, please correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t 40% hindi speakers less than 60% non-hindi speakers?
    I have said this before and I’ll say it again. I don’t hate MNNIT, I never will. But there are some things that can be done to make this a better institute that will finally walk the talk and be counted as one of the best institute in the country not only on paper but in reality as well.
    Thanks for your heartfelt comments, btw.

  58. Hi All,

    I am pass out of MNNIT. Guys you will understand institute value once you complete your degree there. I can tell you that you will have bunch of offers in your hand. Give GRE GMAT CAT you will be preferred the most, Just because you are a MNNITian.

    It is strange that you guys cant enjoy in collg… beer at SC or.. maikhana special or bucket party …it was great… I still remember the practice for culrav … hooting… teasing … its the only fun… try to enjoy these tings…. catch ur seniors at Delhi for party in one of weekend.. go pub… its fun…

    MNNIT gals are far better than most of the NITs.

    so guys best of luck.. Enjoy and don’t worry about anything.

  59. Thank you, sir, for taking the time to read the post. It’s true, MNNIT doesn’t look great when you first enter but after a year or so, you get used to it and begin to enjoy a lot. That’s what I’ve started to do. Thanks for the advice and please do come back for more.

  60. Hey !!!
    why are u wasting ur time in these stuffs dude….. admire the college …….what u xpect 4m the college is provided………xcept for quality teaching..and human living conditions……
    yar r geting gud placement 4 doing crpas……what u need ……if u r jaleous of infra structure .mind u dude ……its one of the best u can get ..4m govt college …….if u hav electricity problem …………then ok bare around 1000 bucks .collect ur type of guys ……..and purchase a AC then generator…….yar sasta padega .///tereko and will be better ….then other renowned prvate engineering collge……….then to u hav a brand name…….be positive and try to learn something gud out here …………chikc is a pproblem here ……for dat u can hav past relationships continue……..bye

  61. Hey dude ..
    ” But the name MNNIT makes it look like some private institute where they sent off their engineering graduates into Call Centres and claim to have a 100% placement record”
    Hmm interesting thought put .. so thats all you could perceive from ur first 2 months in the college? .. u say u have never hated neone u never met dude! give the college a chance … !!
    To tell u .. I am a 2008 passout .. hardcore non veg , spoiled brat n have spent my life in a bigger metro than hyd.. n still I think the period I enjoyed most was the “INTERACTION” phase u talked abt..! I guess its more an attitute problem rather a prob with a college .. ya I hated things in the college but never went this far.. as I said .. I gave it a chance !
    Look I m no geek ! I was a screwed up guy in college .. 6 point sthg .. plenty of booze n smoke and possibly screwed by every proff in college .. still rite now I m working with TCS in a reputed SAP project (u will soon know wat it is but its surely sthg really big) n the only reason I got this project was coz I graduated from a college .. strangely called MNNIT !
    Cheers dude! Hope u have a rocking 4 years

    • @Shubhankar, I just found out that I never replied to your comment. Thanks for the kind advice. Wish you all the best.

  62. Ok….I have a choice between Thapar and MNNIT….given dat my state rank in AIEEE is good enuf I think I will get electronics in both(which is my first priority)
    I am from Lucknow, Stayed in Kota for 8 months(boletoh mast life)…Food and Language are no problems….But I wanted info on a few things::
    1.Placements(comparison between thapar and MNNIT) and a quantitative comparison will be appreaciated rader dan a qualitative.

    2.Co-curricular life…I being a guitarist and a singer(I have been working with 4 bands here in Lucknow these holidays) and a debater and blah blah….wud love to know about the co-curss. out here…I know IIIT-A has sum cultural fest for bands…on the same lines as antaragni at IIT-K(I aspire to win der this time around)

    3.See I aspire to do an MBA….my english is sumwhat better dan average, so any suggestions regarding this will be appreciated whole-heartedly πŸ™‚


    1.My home is Lucknow(just3-4 hours away) so I think dat is a plus point…My dad is posted in HAL Amethi…a so-so factor…coz I dont want my parents to keep a watch on me…lol….

    2.To tell u onething positively….even IIT-K hostel-life sucks big time…my cousin studies der….and IIT turned a charismatic all-rounder into a good for nothing nerd….rottened his english plus his personality!

    • @UTG, Thank you for the insightful comments. It was quite an eye opener.
      Regarding your queries. I’m sorry I don’t know much about Thapar. But I were in your shoes, I think the NIT brand will be enough to convince me to choose MNNIT over Thapar.

      Placement has been 100% for the past several years. You can see this from the college website itself at However, due to the recent economic downturn, it would be unrealistic to expect 100% placement for the next couple of years at least. But by the time you graduate, placement percentage will probably go back to 100%.

      MNNIT does have several co-curricular activities to cater to almost all interests. We have a cultural show – Culrav where you can showcase your guitar skills. You can check out the different events at There is quite a demand for talented musicians and your talents will be greatly appreciated over here. The college also has a music room with all musical instruments (albeit not of high quality) and you can jam with other musicians there.

      I’m sorry I don’t know much about MBA so I would suggest you to post your queries at the relevant websites.

      Feel free to post additional questions regarding MNNIT.

  63. wat about ragging of girls??
    can branch be changed after first year??
    wat about the average and highest packages in computer and electrical departments????

    • @simpi, ragging was reduced to such an extent last year that it is now virtually non-existent. So, if the authorities continue the fine work they did last year, I expect ragging to be completely eliminated.
      Branches can be changed after the first year. Students from ‘lower’ branches with high CPIs are allowed to upgrade to ‘higher’ branches like CS, IT etc.
      I’m not sure about Mech but as far as I know CS guys with high packages usually get around 10-12 lakhs per annum.

  64. hii i got 196 rank in nimcet and planning to take admission in mca in mnnit. hows the mca in mnnnit and do mca people also share a room with 3-4 people?? and plzz provide some info on the “interaction” in case of mca 1st year..

    • @manu, upto the last semester, MCA guys also share the same room with 2 or 3 students in the first year. However, several new hostels are under construction and most of the existing hostels are also expanded. So, the scenario may change this year.
      Last year, the 3rd Sem MCA guys tried to rag the freshers, but the freshers submitted a written complaint to the dean and ragging was immediately stopped. Moreover, we’ll be in the final year this time and I assure you no ragging will be done. If you encounter any ragging, all you have to do is submit a written complaint and the authorities will make sure you do not face the problem anymore.

      • thanks a lot sir. could u please guide me about the placement scenario in mca in mnnit

  65. hii…. my rank in NIMCET 2009 is 155 and i am applying for MNNIT….. what are the chances that i would get this institute??..
    dont mind but what ever you have written about MNNIT is kind of scary…. is it really this bad??…..
    please do reply…..
    and one more thing i have a choice between surathkal and allahabad ……. and in some other blog it is written surathkal is better than allahabad….. is that true??

    • @priya, i’m merely mentioning the not so good side of MNNIT. If you go to any institute, you will discover that most are not as good as the first impression.
      A nimcet rank of 155 is usually good enough to get MNNIT.
      Dont be scared about what is written here, you will face the same problem almost anywhere else.
      It’s difficult to say which is better between surathkal and allahabad for sure. I think education-wise, you will get almost the same quality. Your final decision may be determined by your proximity to the colleges, food etc.

  66. thanks sir, i have been allotted mnnit in online counseling
    i hope the same goes for the final allotment….

    • @priya, congratulations and let me be the first to welcome you to MNNIT. I hope you have a wonderful time here.

  67. hello sir,
    can u tell me about the academic quality and placement of mechanical in mnnit.

    i have a rank of 5887 and wud get the same.

    also between bit ranchi and mnnit which wud be considered better placement wise???

    do reply soon

    • @rahul, mechanical is one of the best branches in MNNIT and you would do well to get admission for it.
      I don\’t have any personal knowlege about BIT-Ranchi so it would be unfair to say one is better than the other. Maybe the people from your coaching class (if you go to a coaching center) can provide better guidance. All the best.

  68. hi sir,
    i m frm aligarh..i cracked jee(rank 4000) but will not get a decent branch according to the past trend…now i m planning to get in mnnit…..i may also get civil in dce….most of my friends advising me to go for mnnit (mech or electri))..what ur thoughts….kindly suggest….

    • @danish, I think it will be better if you choose mech or trical in MNNIT instead of civil in DCE. Provided, of course, your interest lies in these subjects.

  69. can u also tell me the maximum package offerd in mnnit this year??

    • @danish, the placement for this year will begin from 20th July, so there is no record of maximum package yet.

  70. thank you very much for the reply…but as far as college is concerned which is better among the two-DCE AND MNNIT,,,………also can you provide me with pay package that computer or electrical guys usually get(in the past years)…?

  71. danish, i think dce is much better especially mechanical at dce .i recently went there, campus selection is very good.

    are you from fiitjee?


  73. pakad liya SDPA89C01
    NITIN JAIN is topper from R1
    i talked to many students and pass outs and got mixed comments . iit roorkee civil is best in india with excellent placement,but dual degree factor is too big to digest.GT once said that anything at IIT is better than anyyhing anywhere,but i suppose you will not want to end up as a teacher in any coaching?
    with air 5000in aieee you have an excellent chance of electrical at dce this year as iit and nit have increased seats.
    however if i were you i would have taken anything at iitr.[my personal view]
    many told me not to go just for iit tag and think wisely
    .you will get a chance of Mtech at iit in your favourite branch.
    another option is that you just get into dce in any branch and apply for branch change after first year [but you’ll not be on safe side]
    regarding your question on mnnit-
    mnnit or MLNR has been one of the best and prestigious technical institute in india
    till now only 2 boys of my town had been able to reach there one is in BARC [bhaba atomic research centre]
    and another in IIM-A.
    there is no harm in applying at one knows how things may change.
    what about UPTU?
    cheetah,puneet(6 ungli), machli aur achintya mohankar kuch kar ka kya huaa?

    • SAHI BHAI……..actually i m getting civil (dual degree)not in iitr but in it-bhu..(there was some confusion)……………well,as far as dce is concerned its councelling gonna be too late and one can’nt really rely on that…Secondly,mnnit placements are pretty good..they do not allow companies that offer packages less than 4-5 lpa (as i got to know frm one of my relat. whose a teacher in mnnit) dce ,however the avg. packages in most of the branches were 4or 5 lpa……so u see,there’s not much of a difference as far as placement goes..its better to be on safer side and go with mnnit……….what u say DEXTER urf (an..)????

  74. i partially agree.there is no harm in applying for dce as 25000 aieee fee will be refunded if you cancell admission, someone told me.please confirm in full detail from some reliable person for me.
    firstly, i ‘d have never taken anything at BHU.[even CS]
    one of my collegue shaurya gupta got IIT AIR5000
    aieee AIR1099 uptu 22 and bitsat 345.
    but he opted for DCE.
    he was not a fool .consider distance factor,and above all location factor,national capital ,then what to talk of companies.faculty most iitd mtech.
    MLNR had golden period around 80s,now it is recovering.though still it best in UPafter IITK and IITR[now in uttrakhand],but the placement of DCEstands high 125% avg package is low because it is average some people get double or triple offers for example if you get packages of 10 lpa and 2 ipa then avg is 6 lpa only . undoubtly i hold MLNR in high esteem and you are seeing nit tag,but once again think and think like ashish yadav.
    answer my questions,and give detailed comments[typing se ungliyaan ghisti nahin hain]
    aur haan……….never ever try to mention my name.

    • ya,u r right ,there is no harm in filling the forms of,u m ust be knowing that in dce they will take up ur original marksheets at the time of councelling(mentioned in dce prospectus pg -69)………now,that means when u hav to report at mnnit on 20-24 july u hav to take back the marksheets frm dce after cancelling ur admission as it will be reqired for admission in mnnit as well……so here lies the problem……………now suppose i do remote reporting of aieee and submit 250000 rs,then on 18th or 20th u hav to go to dce for councelling and submit ur original documents there….and before the result come u hav admission in mnnit ((for which u require original documents))))….so,incase u want admission in mnnit it is not practically possible considering dce ….but still i say there is no harm in filling dce’s form…….

      • hello danish, i ‘d like to inform you that original certificates have to be presented only for verification and will be submitted during admission which i think is in august
        what about your UPTU result?

  75. hi….ya ,dexter ,i think u have’nt gone through the admission prospectus carefully.its clerarly mentioned that the original documents will be taken by dce at the time of reporting (may be on 18-20 june))… u have to submit it there only brother……..ya,and my uptu rank is 800 something…….kindly share ur thoughts abt ur prefernces for admission….

    • iknow .i am sorry for my mistake. [this all is due to electricity,a big problem in up] actually ….again power cut

  76. ya,,,i hav asked gt abt admission,,,and u know what he replied,he said dce is not a good option when u have motilal on other side,…that has really encouraged me to go for mnnit…..

  77. danish,actually i was talking abt aieee , they say originals will be verified and xerox will be submitted. if this is the case then there is no problem , if not then hum phans gaye,
    at dce…
    danish,i will comment on gt sometime later , tell me what he said abt BHU?
    what are your choices.and what are you getting in indicative allotment?

  78. i am getting ECE at MNNIT and will THINK OF not leave it until i get ME,ECEorEE at DCE.
    about gt…
    the world is a fine place and
    worth the fighting for and
    i hate very much to leave it.
    if you replace WORLD by DCE then i totally agree with the last two statements,as onlt 7 IITs are fine places to me

  79. danish
    what about HBTI kanpur?
    now you see gt is a person who admires core colleges .you know it ,we all have heard his comments.”sirf IIT, WARRANGAL,TRICHY AUR ALLAHABAD MEIN MAZAK NAHIN CHALTA”
    actually when he gave these exams ROORKEE AND ALLAHABAD[MLNR] were on top,but today situation is much different.main nahin kehta ki mln bekar hai lekin ab paristhitiyan kuch alag hain.dce ranks higher than MLNR but ………..i recently locked choices . i think ece at MLNR will be confirmed.i have excellent chances of mechanical at DCE.
    what to do,guide me?
    please dont say that choose wisely…etc.
    answer soon.

  80. dexter, wat was your air in aieee???? wat did they show in indicative allotment???/

  81. simpi.this conversation is for danish,dexter and chhamanator only [dont take me as rude], however i am getting ECEat allahabad , my AIEEEair is abt 2500
    since you have joined con versation your comments are now WHOLE HEARTEDLY WELCOMED.
    PLEASE{to the power infinity} answer soon.

  82. YA,I M BACK……….ya,u r right……today situation is a bit different…its tough to say ki dce mein mazak hota hai but as far as my brother is concerned (who ‘s in dce comp) said they don’t do anything but enjoy 24*7……he also once said k-“hamare dimaag mein zank lag gaya hai”…….dce is just enjoying being in the capital of INDIA…….well,i might not get anything but civil in dce but that’s not why i m saying dce is not worth……….but still i would say there’s not much of a difference betn mnit and dce..even i m going to apply for dce as well and even i may rank dce ovr mnit …………………… i would say choose wisely……as far as ranking is concerned (especially outlook and india today, they suck)not authentic actually………….but if u want dce u can definitely go with it………..

  83. i,ll answer

  84. hello danish
    i was thinking of gt who once said about teachers at IITR , you will find this mixture of teachers at any engineering dont think ke mlnr mein sab devta milenge. again i refer to gt “college is known for its students and competetion”
    and you know cut off of dce is much higher than mlnr
    you may find 75% people there as iit jee qualified while it may be only abt 50% at mlnr.main dce ki wakalat nahin kar raha ,i too may go to mlnr.
    why are you thinking of civil at dce ,think abt electrical{i’ii pray to god for it},a bit tough, luck factor may dominate.
    danish,i have always answered your every question and commented on your every view from every angle and tried to be very honest.
    but many of my questions are not answered even when asked twice,this is not fair.
    so my friend,go through my previous articles and try to answer the unanswered.
    i shall be highly obliged .
    yours sincerely

  85. hi ……….ya…i don’t remeber abt the questions nt answered by me..may b u ask me again……………as far as cut offs r concerned ther is only 15%qota so u can not expect cut offs compared to mnnit and other ranking is a typical thing………….u know ilast yr mnnit was ranked much above the dce by otlook…this yr the patern changed, its not a decisive factor at all……….

  86. when u come to answer online dexter??????/

  87. happy to find you there . i am here till 3.00a.m
    definetly ranking is not decisive but quality of students may be.
    however if you compare cut offs of last 3 yrs you’ll find …
    they dropped in large proportions when seats increased
    my questions….
    1 your prefrences and indicative allotment in both dce and mlnr?
    2 rank in uptu and hbti kanpur?
    3 gt’s comment on bhu?
    4 was my application style amusing?
    5 what abt pinaki baket?

  88. now u asking me where u should go….well,i would suggest u to go with the best available option…may be dce or mnnit…choose ur college and branch wisely??

  89. one thing left…
    mech. at dce or ece at mlnr?
    what do you say?

  90. well in mnnit i m geting it by now and dce civil….i hv already told u abt my rank of uptu but not considering hbti when i hv mnnit…abt gt, i talked to him only after my iit results,and asked him abt motilal ,ism dhanbad and dce at that point of time…not abt. it bhu….well ,he asked me to go with mnnit as its better than ism,dhanbad,,,,and dce even TODAY………no idea abt pinaki -aadiwasi manav

  91. i didnt under stand. plz elaborate”when you come to answer online”

  92. well , i asked many guys they gave me mixed response ….mostly they say computer in mnnit is more brighter than mech at dce…so u can think of electronics which is a better bran. than comp.. now

  93. well u may go with mech in dce as it is good there…depends on ur interest man……….

  94. still some are not answered no. 1,4

  95. also ,i am online usually in the morning as its not possible late night(power cuts u know)….its better u write and ask ur comments late night and me at morning..that would be great……

  96. 1- i have answered i guess…4-which u r talking abt brother??

  97. danish i fear you didnt told me abt uptu?
    hey, will you take hostel or have some accomodation at allahabad

  98. had kar di yaar
    yours sincerely wala style

  99. i hv told u man ..just check it earlier…..
    .i will definitely take hostel ther……..not a matter of 1 yr…hv to spend 4 yrs …hostel is the best choice……..

  100. come on man be open minded. you will not be punished for answering online ?trust me.
    i fear 1 is NOTanswered?

  101. hey i could not find preferences , plz tell again.
    if there are security reasons then just give a rough indication

  102. suppose i get chemical at bits pilani thn what do you thnk?
    what abt bit,mesra?

  103. what abt shubham whose mobile was public property?
    do you remember how pinaki once sneezed like bher , bakri.
    those were the best days good ranks in aits,everybody talking of iit, but everything has gone now. even hybrid[bare log],98 percentile couldnt get through.
    dce vs mlnr 40/60
    provided i am confirmed abt ece,me or ee there.
    dont you think pilani will be costly,it is not an easy customer not the best branch and fees factor too also
    mlnr nd dce with possibly best branches.
    also tell about hostels of mlnr?1,2,3 seater,facilities…etc.

  104. danish bhaai ek aur baat
    you must,must talk to gt abt bhu

  105. i am afraid of talking to gt (even god may not know when he starts making fun )i dont have his number and never phoned him too.
    will you please talk to him about me and kindly tell me his suggestion.
    well its too late now
    if no power cut then 5.15 am

    i just met a boy who told me that dce has good infra… fac…and plac…but wahan pe parhayega koi nahin khud hi karna hoga
    what do you say?
    answer soon.
    elec… is a big problem in west up , hats off to our cm for that.
    what are your plans after b tech or be?
    plz answer soon


  108. NOW, abt dce i hav already told u ki wahan khud hi parna hoga ….
    now ,firstly mnnit mein first yr u hav to share ur room with 3 other guys but frm 2th yr onwards u will get a seperate room((as told by a faculty member of mnnit))……..

  109. NOW, abt dce i hav already told u ki wahan khud hi parna hoga ….
    now ,firstly mnnit mein first yr u hav to share ur room with 3 other guys but frm 2th yr onwards u will get a seperate room((as told by a faculty member of mnnit))…… its fine i think

  110. ya,,,and as far as gt is concerned yaar wo tujhe bhi motilal hi join karne ko kahega……bits is a superb colg. but with chem, it will not b that good…..also ,the fees is too high there…….gt to bits pilani ko kehta tha ki kachra ekattha karte hain….so,i know what he ‘l advise……now abt. itbhu i can’nt ask him ,he will get irritated with me…i hav asked him so much that he gonna b irritated now,but i will seek his advise after some time……….
    also,u shuld not think of bits,mesra u hav far more better options…..
    -no idea abt shubham……..
    any other query ,
    bye see u

  111. thanks yaar , you cleared my confusion to a large extent abt bits pilani . board toppers ka direct admission hata hai wahan to kachra to hai hi .everyone knows the condition and level of board exams.
    what abt nit warrangal , hybrid ja raha hai wahan
    what do you say?
    gt se 2,3 din ke bad baat karna warna chid jayenge
    95 % chances that i will be online{power factor}
    bye and have a good day

  112. quality of education point of view ya you shuld so for nit,warangal definitely,but the distance is so much that it compensate for the quality of education …..for guys of up and nearby mnnit is better than most of other nits ,i think………..

  113. i also think if u hav a chance of a branch better than chemical u shuld go with bits,pilani undoubtedly……a big no to the msc courses…how much u got in bits??????/…..

  114. danish bhaai light ki problem hai kal raat aai nahin ab bhi nahin hai phir bhi main 11 pm milunga chaha cyber cafe jana pare

  115. my bits score is noy enough to yield me anything more than chemical at bits(285)
    agar aapko dce mein ee milgaye to kahan jayenge.
    danish bhaai aapka graduation ke baad kya plan hai

  116. danish bhaai i have suffered very much in 4 seater rooms in cant even imagine how much disturbance and tension bihaeris cause you’ll find them any where yhey spit in rooms and smell foul even 2 seater causes problem

  117. unexpectedly i am back before time,what do you think abt hostel?
    i guarantee you most biharis wear same shirt throughout a year.
    what abt ee at dce vs it at mlnr for you
    reply soon bye

  118. danish, are you there ?
    i am still waiting.

  119. hello danish,mere bhaai kahan ho?
    is bareily an admission centre?
    plz,reply soon

  120. ya..sorry for replying late…i don’t think that bareilly is an admission center as per the councelling brochure of aieee..

  121. hello danish, then where are you going for remote reporting?
    i have talked to abt 20-30 dce passouts and students,all of them tols me one thing common
    “dce andar se khokla hai”,some of them advised me to try for nsit instead.only mech. of dce is ok.
    what do you say?

  122. hey ,what have you got finally?
    i think these articles will be very useful for others too, who have to choose between dce and mlnr.

  123. cont……………………………………………………..
    what do you say?
    surprising{shocking} news–shubham got iit-b,hybrid said.
    reply soon

  124. hello danish, ece at mlnr is confirmed.
    what abt you?

    very important question—
    any certificate of intervening period(1 year at coaching) is required or not?

    where are you man?plz answer soon.
    i’ll be online at 11 pm

  125. hi its best nit

  126. helo dexter,,,i am back……
    yaar busy with aieee reporting…….got electrical in nit,allah…………….and congrats to u for electronics………………

  127. to tera kya plan hai bhai…………………………mera to abhi bhi confusion hai…………………and for shubham,nice to hear that yaar..atleat someone frm our batch got a good iit …….

  128. 3 IMPORTANT questions
    1 ANY CERTIFICATE of intervening period is requied or not?
    2 mlhr mein baaki fees or hostel fees payment ka procedure kya hai?
    3 dce mein fees aur hostel fees payment ka procedure kya hai,how many xerox copies of documents are required?

    happy to find you there, i thought you were gone.
    dce has been upgraded to DTU like uptu
    things have taken a u turn,i with 95% chances may go to dce rather dtu now.
    abhishek sharma——-700
    ayush agarwal———–1900
    vivek————————iitr chemical
    hybrid———————–iit gujrat-chemical{obc}
    we were truly unlucky{sadddddddddddd}
    dtu will be university with own administration and distance factor too
    240 seats may increase , exc chances for me and you too.
    what do you say?
    i got ece from AI quota,what abt you,any chances of upgradation?
    power has become worse.
    see you same time next day but do not promise?

  129. 1. THERE IS NO NEED OF ANY CERTIFICATE of intervening period AS FAR AS I KNOW..
    2.what abt branch upgradation in dce,is there any provision for branch upgradation after 1st year…?????????? AND SHOULD ONE RELY ON THIS OR NOT???


  130. 3..are u sure that the new branches of dce will start from this year……in that case we hav good chances to get something good??
    what u say??

  131. 1 dce ke medical cetificate ke format ka website par alag se link hai. ya phir it is also given in the end of inf. bro… on site. i have already downloaded

    2 you have an option of upgradation after first year,but that requires exceptionally good peformance in exams,a bit hard i must say.

    3 68% chances they will start this year,people even say nsit will become nit { total afwah}

    howeve dce has become dtu that is for sure and that has changed all my calculations and plans

    even if 32% seats are not increased then also we have excellent chances you see how drastically cut offs of aieee went down due to increment of seats.


  132. when will the new session of b-tech starting (1st year).

  133. @ ayush
    its starting from 20th july … bro ..

    • do we immediately get hostel accomodation after admission..

  134. danish kahan ho bhaai
    mlnr ki cut off dekhi kya . saari izzat ka faluda nikaal diya. nit waangal is on top. a great loss of reputation
    to mlnr i must say.
    what do you say?
    you know someone there plz ask him and tell me complete procedure?

  135. danish,i hope that you must have got medical certificate.
    where are you man.
    18 ko dce jaana pakka hai na?
    what your chances of dce?
    reply soon………….

  136. yeah,sorry for geting late here….net problem u know ……and i got medical certifi. done….
    what abt. fees at dce and when we need to submit it???
    but not sure abt going to dce yet….chal dekha jaiga…
    too much confusion in dce’s admission..kuch clear hi nahi hai bhai….
    ok then

  137. fees has to be paid during counselling to confirm admission .
    what have you got in mlnr?????

  138. well.i hav got electricals in mnnit….
    dce mein fees submit kaise karni hai?i mean cash or draft?
    and yes how can one bring the money(fee) without any surity whether he will be admitted or not..its illogical yaar..
    what abt. counceling of new branches in dce?????
    wo abhi hi hogi ya some other schedule will come??
    teri dce mein to achhi chances hain bhai…

  139. hello,danish
    dce main fees dd se jama hogi pospectus ,mein fee structure ke neeche diya hai.
    chinta mat karo balak , counselling mein pehle they will tell of banch offered to you,then you’ll have to pay
    fees{lo ya chhoro}
    you must attend counselling, and see what do you get .
    great chances of upgradation man,i have talked to many in delhi in aieee counselling.
    no idea abt counselling of new branches,ask and tell you later.
    mlnr ki cutoff bahut neeche chali gayee.
    what do you say?

  140. danish,where are you man.
    i hope that you will attend dce counseling.
    tell me what you get?
    ok then,see you at dce[dtu].

  141. hi dexter…how are u doing?
    hope u attended dce souncelling…i could’nt…….
    what u got man?
    well, i am going to join mnr soon…
    let me know what u hav finalised>>>>

  142. hello danish,
    hope you are there
    i was trying you on phone but it says number doesnt exist
    phone me after 30 min and tell me of your no at alig and allahabad
    well,i ended up at dce with bad luck like at iit
    got nothing but mpa at nsit , left it going to mlnr for sure now
    good branches ended at 2200 only
    reply now

  143. what abt hostel
    you know someone there can he make us in same room.
    when are you going to report.

  144. oh,hard luck…but nevertheless,u hav mnit in hand… not to worry……well, i will reach there on 23rd and then will allot hostel……….ya,i hav talked a faculty member there and he told that the hostels must have been alloted by now…… ,geting in same room must be difficult now…well lets see..
    so when are you coming there..also check mnnit website for what u hav to bring at time of admission….
    i guess there,s a draft of 7000Rs +250 something…check site…

  145. The name MNNIT should be only NIT-Allahabad

    MN word puts a bad effect for a comman man.

    It should be removed………and name should be as………..National Institute of Technology
    Allahabad India 211004

  146. hello everyone, well i have taken admission in mnnit and i am writing this article from cc in mnnit . i have got electronics,my batch is e1 and i have got tagore hostel . danish is also with me, but he could get electrical only .if any one has taken admission in mnnit,then please contact me.
    and chhamanator i wish to meet you personally.

    • @dexter. Mail me at chhamanator[at]gmail[dot]com with your phone number so that I may be able to contact you.

  147. hello chhamanator,
    again i am in cc,
    i will contact you soon.
    i think simpi has also taken admission here ,danish told me about that.

  148. Hi everyone..
    Well i m back..
    Anas(dexter) and i have taken ece in mnnit.,
    would really appreciate anyone frm the fresher batch to contact me at my email id
    have a nice time here..

  149. hello everyone,well i am back ,danish is also here ,in cc.
    any body from freshers can contact danish or me in tagore.

    • Dude, drop me an email

  150. You seem to be helping out a lot of people!!
    Good article indeed..

    • thanks, sir. The post gets quite a good amount of hits between May and July.

  151. Hi
    Friend its very nice blog which i have seen among blogs, i really appreciate your views whatever u have shared about mnnit and Allahabad. Thats the thing which have in my mind u have placement here and doff the beauty of ignorance what the other student have in their mind.

    Keep going and best of luck for every step of life.

  152. Chhamanator
    I dont know in which year n branch u r n which place u belong to..
    .”Why MNNIT not NIT”..wat effect does this make??? I simply cant understand this child psychology.If you r so fascinated by name den y didnt u join MIT (Maharastra IT or watever). Isnt MIT a gudnuf name rhyming to MIT cambridge. GROW UP DUDE!

    Coming to “climatic conditions problem”. I hope u never got a chance to live in other city in northern india like Delhi. Delhi is fking hot n humid in summers n extremly cold in winter.Allahabad has got much more normal climatic conditions.

    Agree with ur Mess food part!.n Wat did u intend to say by interaction.

    Regarding hindi..I bet nearly All the lectures are delivered in english except for doubt clearance session becoz generally its student who asks questions in hindi.

    I hope U improve your observation power n analytical skills more N try to enjoy wat u have !

  153. Best blog I have been to!!

  154. SIR wats the present condition of ECE in mnnit 4 students ?can anyone wid 6-7 pointers get the job????how much the avg. pakage of ECE ?wat will b the condition of ECE after 2-3 year in MNNIT????how much the scope of govt. job in ECE?

  155. gr8 goiin there dude. nice blog. its hilarious as well.
    gr8 insight for people like me who have no idea bout allahabd. hey can u let me kno wats the gate cut off for last year for in electronics?
    and also how are placements for

  156. I feel the same way

  157. Hi, I’ve got shortlisted for MTech in EEE @ MNNIT. Can anyone please guide on the placement prospects for it? Thanks a lot.

    • @Nikhil, please go through the institute website. The placement records are given there.

  158. can anyone tell plzz wht’s the average pay package offered to a mechanical student at mnnit

  159. hi1! i wanted to ask abt bio tec branch in mnnit can a non bio student cope with this please reply

    • @renu. I’ve asked a few people and they said a non bio student can definitely do well in biotech. However I dont know anything about the quality of the courses offered in Biotech.

  160. i am geting bio technology in mnnit. what shoud i do .this time please reply sooner

    • @renu
      well, biotech is newly introduced in our collg d scope isnt dat gd..still its frm mnnit…..but i guess u ll get somthng better in d coming rounds…oder than dat intrnal sliding can help u a lot…..let me know d prefernce of collges nd branches…

  161. can you plzz tell abt mechanical in mnnit ………… how is the placements of mechanical at mnnit .
    plzzz reply

    • Hi deepkush,
      Since I’m not a mech engg. student I dont think im the right person to tell you the mech engg. situation. However, there is an NIT community in Orkut. The members are really active there. You will do well to contact them and ask for information which I’m sure will be better than the one given by me.

  162. i wanted eithier chem. or electronics. if not getting any one of the 2 ill b ok wid it or electrical . please tel if u know any 1 who got good branch in mnnit after getting bio tec in 2nd round of counselling acc 2 u which 1s r the good branches in mnnit thank u danish 4 replying so soon please do the same this time 2

    • hmmm….chemical would be easier for sure… far as gd branches are concernd,cs scores over others….mech is also really good…electronix is a gd brnch but it lacks infrastruc…..all oder branches r fine depnding upon ur perfrmence and interest……for more assistance u can give ur email id here on ur nxt post…..i will try help you out !!!

  163. i am still getting bio tec . what is meant by internal sliding. could u please explain me in detail please reply

    • r u there>>>>>>>reply wid ur email id

  164. fuck MNNIT !

    placements of MANIT Bhopal r better than MNNIT.

  165. hi chamma, your way of describing the coll i nice… I,m seeing for M tech admissions in NITs… do u have any idea on tat………

  166. if u knw any persons in contact regardig GATE admisions…. tel me pls..

    • I really dont have anything else to say other than what I have written on this blog

  167. giv notifications to my mail

  168. leave it dude….if u hate mnnit so much, leave it. take admission in so call cool sounding NIT trichy, warangal or any xyz. MNNIT will not loose it’s name or recognition without you so don’t worry n just leave. πŸ™‚

    • haha. best solution πŸ™‚

  169. well dear i also wanna b part of mnnit n if u r talking abt placement so let me tell u that if u hav potential then u dnt need any tag behind u……… n abt food so i think its gud to b vegitarian cz u vl loose ur teeth very soon if u r a hard non-vegetarian……….. so love the place where u leave n yes i agree vd u only at one point which is temperature………… o god its really hottttttttttttt. i spend two years of my life over there……….

  170. I want to take admission for m tech in cs dept. is there a good placement for this course in mnnit? should i take admission to there in mnnit.
    what about study? will i learn there or it just to do m tech.
    can anyone tell me what is the procedure to cancel admission after take admission in m tech program.

    • Yes, the placement is very good for MTech CS. You will learn many things from some teachers and learn almost nothing from some. I think the procedure for cancellation is written on the Institute’s website.

  171. very well written and explained
    but all will agree to the fact that its a govt institution and the facilities given are more than enough
    u cant expect more of the good food at so less mess cost…..

  172. hi.. got toknw many thngs abt mnnit.. sum r scary and sum r less scary.. bt can u plz tellme that thngs r still the same thr?? bcuzz m filling up mnnit this yr.. fr mca and mfrm delhi so plzz. cud u tellme hws study and plcmnt dr?? wud i b able to adjust thr?

    • Don’t worry. If someone like me can adjust, you surely can.

  173. this blog was really wonderfull &helpful,,,,
    thanks to administrator

  174. reallly a very good blog post….

    guyz…i’ve got AIR 184 in NIMCET 2011 and have been allotted MNNIT allahabad….m coming thr to experience an exciting life….and looking forward to meet u all…will be a great fun…i hope so…!!!

    guyz, u all will have to help me out tooo….SOME of my frnds told me that MNNIT has only partial accomodation for boys….can you please confirm if it is so…and what is the criteria for partial accomodation….!!!

    • Hey congrats Siddhant. I’m sure you will have a wonderful time at MNNIT.
      It is true that MNNIT provides only partial accomodation to PG students for the past 2-3 years. As far as I know, accomodation is done according to merit. However, a new mega hostel is about to be completed and from what I hear, all students will be accomodated in hostels from this year (although I havent heard any official news related to this)

  175. Hey, awesome blog! I am just wondering… i’ve heard that ece is the worst possible branch at mnnit? is that true? … for that is the seat alloted to me ….

    • Thanks. I’m sorry I am not familiar with the quality of ECE. I have to tell you I cant really help you with information on any department other than CS

  176. hiiiii all,
    Howez ee nd it up dere at mnnit ??

  177. I do agree with you about the food! But, lets see the positive side of it. I used to boast…. “I have the confidence to survive on any continent of this planet, with this kind of FUCKING food at MNREC… ya MNNIT now. Now I already worked in 3 countries and confidence levels about food and weather are high!


  179. I also have same experience in MNNIT. I have came here just one months ago and being a non-vegetarian and non-hindi origin I too have same problem just like you.

  180. Friends,
    What is the current ragging scenario at MNNIT? I am from Andhra (Telugu speaking) and cannot speak good hindi. Please tell me if I will face any special issues and also how is the mess veg food at present? Any better?

    • Im not really sure about the current scenario as I am no longer at MNNIT. Mess food is probably the same as before. You may hate MNNIT at the beginning but I promise you will learn to love it eventually

  181. which would be better cse mnr got it or dtu ece may get cse…..and what about tha accomodation is it same or changed?

  182. Hey chhamanator

    I know MNNIT is a good college but can you tell me about the city, general law & order and safety of girls in general. I heard Allahabad is quite safe.. but still concerned about perception of UP law & order..


    • Allahabad is quite safe if you take the necessary precaution as you would do in any city. I believe the people around the campus are generally friendly towards the female students. I can’t really recall a single incident of eve teasing or danger towards girls during my stay. Im pretty sure you’ll be safe if you take the necessary precautions.

  183. Thanks a lot…

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