Posted by: The Chhamanator | October 6, 2007

The Chhamanator Exam Hypothesis

With CT2 (that’s Class Test 2 for you non-MNNIT-ians) coming up, I can’t help but wonder why everyday things are always suddenly interesting around exam time. You find more things to do – the bedsheet you haven’t washed from the day you arrived at the hostel and which looks perfectly clean only a few days ago suddenly looks really dirty. Every movie is a masterpiece and the song that was on your harddrive the day you bought your PC, the same song you never even tried listening before sounds extremely good to you. Being the responsible netizen that I am, I set out on a quest to bring you, the reader the reason why exams always bring the most interesting side of everything except your books.

Now, I am no Sigmund Freud and I’m not claiming this is a foolproof theory by any means. But as all great minds (did you hear that? That’s Einstein turning in his grave), I have to name the theory after something. So here is The Chhamanator Exam Hypothesis:

The Chhamanator Exam Hypothesis states that

The interest level of any ordinary object, person, activity or place will increase by a power of the total mass of the object to the number of days before the exam divided by number of classes attended during the academic session. ie

IL = Md/C

where IL = Interest level of the object, M = Total mass of the object in kilograms, d = Number of days before the exam and C = number of classes attended during the academic session.

The SI Unit of Interest Level is chhama (abbreviated as ch)

Example 1.0

Suppose the weight of a Laptop is 2.4 kg, there are 7 days before the exam and you attended 31 classes during the academic session. Using the Chhamanator Exam Hypothesis,

IL=Md /C

IL = 2.47 / 31

= 14.79 ch, which is the Interest Level of the laptop.

Causes of rise in Interest Level

From the formula, we can see that the number of classes attended is inversely proportional to the Interest Level. Why do the Interest Level rise during exam time? The main theory is that : Even if you have no interest during classes and lectures, even if you studied 5 minutes before the exam while your classmates put in an all-nighter. Your mind is more (extremely little, but still..) focused. Therefore, it is focused not only for studies but you take more notice of anything around you. That is why, according to the Chhamanator Exam Hypothesis, everything except studies have a higher Interest Level.



  1. Hey,
    Good job… Ur blog just woke me up(Its 2 am )! A senior of yours who is trying to compress course required to be studied in one week in half a day. Damn misery of cts…
    I am bookmarking your blog, for future alternative to caffeine.
    Keep it up, May you wake me up during end sems too with entertaining articles. [:)]

  2. Absolute genius!! So whens your exams ? hehe.. Btw, Im still googling for the solution to rubiks cube..

    1 small addition:

    “…Suppose the weight of a Laptop is 2.4 kg…”
    “….M = Total mass of the object in kilograms…”

    SI unit of Mass is grams.. so u might have a bit of miscalculation there… and also :
    weight = mass x g

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