Posted by: The Chhamanator | October 12, 2007

A tale of two….whatever

CO paperMomo

Yesterday was clearly a day of two very different emotions. Here’s why:

Bad, bad CO

It started with our CT2 exams. In the morning, we had Accounting and Financial Management and I know that I performed badly and there is very very little hope of improving on my CT1 scores. But it’s only a paper with .3 weightage and I let it go. Then the Computer Organization paper happened..

Have you ever had a day when you know the answer to every question and yet unable to answer anything. That’s how the guys feel when we wrote the CO test. Yes, we really know all the questions but like every exams, it’s not the questions that are difficult, it’s the answers. And I can see that everyone did pretty badly and felt just as bad (or so they look that way. I don’t really know, there are some pretty good actors among us who would give any Hollywood actor a run for his money).

Mmmm, momo

So there I was, about to feel depressed, but unable to because I quite don’t know how. I borrowed my roommate’s cycle to get some money from the ATM to buy the eighth edition of ‘Let Us C’ by Yashavant Kanetkar. I have the third edition of the book but there are so many differences between the two editions with a difference of 8 years between the two editions.

On my return I saw a sign on one of the roadside restaurants advertising their Vegetable momo and Non-veg momo. “Momo hai kya?”, I asked (which, I presume, means, “Do you have momo?”). The owner answered in a very low and fast Hindi, he pointed to one of the workers who was making some kind of sauce and I assume he meant it wasn’t ready yet. So I turned to go and he called me and spoke in his low-fast Hindi. I couldn’t get most of what he said but I could get the word “Baithaw” which I know meant “Sit down” or it’s equivalent. So there I was, waiting for something decent to eat all the while hoping their version of momo and mine is not different.

After about 10 minutes of waiting, the food finally arrived. It certainly looked good from the outside, but what about the inside? I took the fork and divided one of it in half. And there it was – The momo had meat inside. Yes, meat-the kind you get from animals. For the first time in 2 months, the universe made sense. I swear I heard angels singing and bands playing when I ate one of the best meals of my life (I did overdo it a bit there, didn’t I?).

Anyway, this little divine experience made me realize that my whole day isn’t ruined and the bad performance in the CO exams don’t really matter. Until the teacher distributed the papers, that is………………



  1. for the best momos in allahabad do this,
    go to hotstuff and keep on going straight even beyond big bazaar. On the left hand side you will see a shop called mughal next to a pastry shop. Ask for momos there, other stuff is also good try it ( chicken mughlai paratha ) [:)]

  2. oh… there was a huge a celebration today at work and we got free unlimited stuffed (with whatever you want (of whatever thay had)) parathas.

    turns out our profit margin had increased by more than 100% in 6 months and we stand 2nd only to one company in the world in some fields.

    now, as i sit here at past the 15th hour of my 9 hour workday, i understand why some would die fighting capitalism

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