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From Chennai with love

(With due respect to the author…. )The title is a bit misleading. But I couldn’t come up with a better one.

Travelling has always been a problem for me. No matter how much I hate a place, I almost always feel that it is better to stay there than make an effort to travel to a better place. And then I found out that I hate writing about travelling as much as I hate the travel itself. Which is probably one of the reason why I delayed putting up a new post for a while, the other being the condition of our Institute network these days. On to the travel report…..

13th October, 2007

Day 1 of my journey. I left our hostel around 2PM to go to my LG’s house. My train is scheduled to leave Allahabad at 5:50 but it was delayed for nearly 2 hours and we finally left the station around 7:15PM. Now, 
anyone who had ever travelled on a Sleeper Class will
know how many vendors will enter the compartment to sell their goods. You can get everything from needles and thread to electronics. But strangely there are hardly 10 vendors during the whole 15 hours journey from Allahabad to Kolkata. Normally, this would be a good thing. But the problem is that since in all the previous times I travelled in a train, I could always get food from the train itself. And I was planning to do the same this time as well. So I started my journey without having anything to eat except a couple of sandwiches. But I came to know that food is not served on a Kolkata-Allahabad train. So I started my journey feeling quite hungry and lonely.

We reached Howrah around 12:30 PM. My brother came with his girlfriend to meet me and we went to their hotel. After freshening up a bit, we went
out to get a bite in one of the restarurants nearby. And then a funny thing happened. My brother and his girlfriend were wearing shorts and when we
tried to enter the restaruant, a security guard stopped us and informed us that patrons are not allowed to enter with shorts. I had to wait for them for nearly 20 minutes while they changed.

After food, we went shopping for some clothes and came back to our hotel around 6PM. Our train for Chennai was scheduled to leave at 12:40 and
after having dinner at our hotel, we went to our aunt’s place before setting off for the station. We reached the station around 10 PM and after the usual formalities of coolies trying to cheat you and taxis charging you too much, we left for Chennai at the scheduled departure time.

15th October, 2007

Day 3 of my journey. The whole day was spent on the train. Boring.

16th October, 2007

We arrived at Chennai around 3AM. My brother’s place is about an hour’s drive from the station. When we reached the place, his roommates were still
awake watching TV. We went out the whole day as we have some important works to do. On our way home, ‘someone’ was waiting for us and she stayed around till 8PM. I had a wonderful time…..

17th-20th October, 2007 

Days 5-8 of my travel (Is it still a travel because I’ve already reached the place? But I don’t belong to the place so it could still be a travel. You decide). I didn’t  do much other than going out for food and shopping for DVDs. She’s working and could only take a holiday on Saturday (that too after pretending to be sick). So I spent most of my time playing computer games and watching TV. I didn’t go to any famous places and didn’t really get to see the city. But I get to eat a lot of home cooked meal which I really enjoyed.

21st October, 2007

My return journey. I got up at 2:30AM as my flight was scheduled for 5:55 AM. The cab arrived at 3 AM and it took us an hour to arrive at  the airport. I slept for just an hour the night before and I was really tired. So, I slept during the whole flight from Chennai to Kolkata.

From the airport, I went directly to Mizoram House and after having breakfast, I slept till 4PM. I left for Allahabad at 5:40PM and arrived at 8AM the following day.

All in all, my journey was pretty uneventful but nevertheless a good way to refresh the mind.

Random ramblings:

1. Trains are a nice way to travel. You can get better sleep on a train than on a plane.

2. Generally, Madrasis seem to be friendlier than Allahabadis. They definitely smiled a lot more than their North Indian brothers. This may be because they are used to seeing people who are different
to them. One thing is for sure, they definitely have a better sense of humour.

3. Chennai food is waaaaayyyyy better than Allahabad.



  1. The right margin is eating up some of the well written words.
    Food in Chennai is better than Bangalore too… except for rotis, which Chennites haven’t yet figured out how to make.

  2. I know how much u like Chennai and WHY?
    The three main reasons are :-
    MEAT,MEAT and again MEAT…..

  3. Remember the swine butcher near our hostel? Keep on dreaming…Just wanted to remind you that you and I have very few things in common when it comes to food..

  4. I never dream about swine butchers, dude. Why do you ever dream about swine butchers??

  5. Ok..If not the swine butchers, then at least the vsr from Mizoram House..My God, never knew torturing people would be so god damn good..

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