Posted by: The Chhamanator | November 12, 2007

An Ex-MNNIT-ian’s blog

Recently , an ex-MNNIT-ian (rather a MONERCO-an; clueless about MONERCO? Just google it) visited this blog and provided a link to his own blog where he writes about a vast array of subjects including MNNIT.

Going by the name of Man Mohan Singh (I could not confirm whether the name is real or not), his blog is a recollection of the days he spent as a Civil Engineering student back in 1976. His blogs on MNNIT ranges from ragging to slangs and manages to convey his experiences in a fun and light manner. Some exerpts from his blog:

Till Government gave it an iit (should be NIT) status, MNNIT was known as MONERCO, Motilal Nehru Regional College of Engineering, This college in UP was considered to be the best Engg College , after Roorkee college and IIT Kanpur , I was student of MONERCO during 1976-80. Admission was very tough even in those days, there was national level entrance test to get the admission, as there was quota for every state. One thing if papers were not as per the likings of students, immediacy there would a walkout. So in general papers were set keeping the moods of the students. Our Transportation Engg lecturer will teach us this subject as if he is teaching us philosophy or serious Sanskrit drama in literature. (Remind you of anyone? :))

Number wise UPites dominated, even in studies they scored well over others. Next came the Biharis, simple living, with tremendous will power and hard working type. I can recall students from Bihar who wore just a single shirt throughout the year. They never wore woolen in cruel winters of Allahabad.

Dehlites they considered them to be smartest of all, they dominated cultural activities, organized music nights.They were not so well in studies but were good managers (or say good event managers), managing the shows successfully. These qualities helped Dehlites and their similar nature friends to get good jobs in Tata , Birlas and voltas. In those Days College hardly helped in getting jobs. Very few campus interviews held. Except in the year 1980, even those were not the college initiatives. Govt of Gujarat wanted to do the mass recruitment of 800 Civil Engineers through GPSC, to carry out the works of Narmada project. GPSC had sent bunch of application forms. We had not even appeared in the final exam, each one of us in civil got the form and who applied later got the job in Gujarat, in Class II Engg Cadre. This may be a typical case when against vacancies of 800 Engineers GPSC could recruit Just 425 candidates. We know the position of Govt jobs nowadays. It was a lottery for us. Even all LLBs’ (Lords of the Last benches) got the job. During 1981-84 Gujarat Govt recruited around 2000 Engineers in various depts.

Some of the activities through which some had to pass were like removing clothes getting naked in front of all. Such type of ragging was mostly done during nights. College administration hardly intervened or even visited the hostels during night. Hardest part for some of the fresher was to line up along the railway line, which was dividing college and hostels in two halves, and remove the cloths, while trains passing. Though they were deriving sadistic pleasure out of ragging, our seniors would say they do all these things to reconfigure us and to change the attitude. To larger extent all these things help the fresher to be strong and bold. Along the railway line, which was adjacent to the Patel hostel (if I recall the name of hostel correctly) fresher would also be forced to line up at urinate, those with longer jet of urine would be spared and those with smaller jets will be ragged by fresher with longer jets.



  1. Dear Chhamanator

    Can u plz give me the link to the blog of ex MNNIt’an you are talking about?…..i’m just too interested

  2. Dear sir,
    The address of the blog is
    It was posted along with the articles. One of the moderators might have deleted it by mistake.
    Thank you for visiting the site all the way from the US of A. Are you an ex-MNNIT-ian? If so, any recollections of your life back in the day would be more than welcome….

  3. How about u share some of your ragging xperiences!!! come on…

  4. All in good time. Let the juniors arrive first and we shall see about that 🙂 . Dude, I’ll probably return by the 28th. Until then, refuse all temptations to host the job party….

  5. ragging..haha..have lots of not-so-fondful memories myself

  6. Hello please tell me the syllabus for MCA 1st year,2ndyear and 3rd year ……. please me have to join in this new seation …… so which books to carry plz help me……….

  7. In your first sem, you’ll have Computer Organization, C Programming, Discrete Structures, Foundations of IT and Financial Accounting. The books and syllabus depends on the teacher so it’s better to buy the books that they tell you to buy after they take your classes.

  8. thank u sir…….
    actually me from bsc computer back groung ………
    so should i carry ma all books w/c we studied in past three yrs……..

  9. and ya one thing more sir …… girls hostel is single or on sharing ???????

  10. You can carry let us c (Or any other C book you have), then probably Computer Organization my Morris M Mano. The rest you may need to buy from the stores from here.
    Regarding girl’s hostel, i think some of them are shared and some are single. I’m not really sure.

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