Posted by: The Chhamanator | January 1, 2008

You know you’re in Allahabad if…..

1. There are 8 people inside the ATM Booth with you.

2. 95% of food items has aloo inside.

3. Transport option:

a) When you’re not in a hurry – Tempo or rickshaw

b) When you’re in a hurry – Tempo or rickshaw

4. When someone say 10AM, the first thing that comes to your mind is a power cut.

5. The local edition of The Times of India has more grammatical errors than a ninth grader’s essay.

6. The world is your dustbin.

7. You’ve heard there’s an airport nearby but nobody seems to know exactly where it is.



  1. You have nice sense of humour.

  2. missed the ‘a’ above.

  3. Heyy dude…this is wicked… cant stop laughing…. even my friends sympathises u…(hehe) … wish i could b there wit u 2 share all those humorous moments wit u…hihihi…. no offense…..

  4. hehehe… Love this post of yours dude.

    – Sandman.

  5. Hey, rin ai takin i la man lo, tak tak chuan , nakinah i la ngai khawp ang, tuna i thil nin zawng zawng kha, i han chhuah dawn meuh chuan, i la trah hial ka ring..AND I Would LIKE TO ADD,, where did you get this new found sense of HUMOUR.. that is really something new..keep it up..Really enjoyed it..

  6. Some things never change…good old allahabad!
    van lunglen thlak trep ve haha….

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