Posted by: The Chhamanator | February 22, 2008

Why don’t they just print the list and display it?

It happens every time. You are in a tempo, some passenger gets off the vehicle, tries to pay the fare, the driver (or conductor) said its short by a rupee, they get into a heated argument. Finally one of them relented and life goes on. If you are in Allahabad, you’re probably all too familiar with the above scenario.

I don’t know who is right and who is wrong. And believe me, I still don’t. But after I paid more attention to detail regarding such incidents, i discovered that it’s the women passengers who are usually in the thick of things. Are they trying to take advantage of the respect Indian male generally show towards women or are the drivers trying to take advantage of the notion of a woman not on equal intelligence level with the common male (a notion I wholly do not subscribe to, specially after comparing my grades with my female classmates). In either case, it’s wrong and there are too many incidence to call it an honest mistake. All things considered, the vital question here is ‘Why doesn’t anybody care to stop such stupidity when a rational and easy solution is just around the corner?’

I suck at Maths and Statistics and I’m shooting the moon when I say there are probably around 400 tempos in the whole city of Allahabad. Like all things Indian, the tempos are probably under an Association that is formed to look after the welfare of the tempo drivers as well as the passengers. In order to stop the menace of ‘fare discussion’ every time a passenger steps out of the vehicle, why don’t they just make a printout of the fares between each stop and distribute it to every member so that they can put it up for every passenger to see. There are hardly 10 stops in each route and it really isn’t that difficult to make such a list. So, the next time a disagreement happens, all they have to do is look it up and determine the correct fare. Case solved. Doesn’t the Association ever think of taking such measures or does it think this is too trivial to look into? In either case, its the passengers who suffer in the end. We are like this only…


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