Posted by: The Chhamanator | March 6, 2008

13 reasons why you should use Windows

1-Because it comes “free” with your PC and you might as well use it. Just like that Asha Bhosle and Robbie Williams duet that was bundled with your Sony Ericsson phone.

2-No good thing comes for free. You’d rather pay Rs. 15,000 for an OS than get another equally good one for free.

3-You like small software that comes “free” with your other software. After all, you can’t have too many toolbars on your browser.

4-You blindly trust corporate America, if Microsoft thinks an update is good for you then they must be right, after all they created the software, don’t they?

5-You are a conformist. Your idea of a perfect desktop is just like the next guy. Your taskbar should be blue and at the bottom, just like everybody else.

6-You like spending your weekends reinstalling OSes because you have nothing else to do.

7-You are the ultimate born tweaker. Once you even changed the “start” on the Start menu to your name!

8-You are a “perfectionist”, an OS should take at least 7 years to develop.

9-You are a daredevil! You strive on fighting and warding off viruses.

10-You are fond of the color blue! After any new hardware installation or system tweak, you appreciate being greeted with blue screens.

11-You are a reboot freak, you install programs because you KNOW you will have to reboot your system after the installation.

12-Your friends thinks your ability to click I Agree>Next>Next>Next>Finish is so geeky.

13-You want an OS that uses up all your memory. After all, why waste any bit of memory you bought with your hard earned money?


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