Posted by: The Chhamanator | March 15, 2008

Random Thoughts

With CT2 officially underway, The Chhamanator Exam Hypothesis is again in full effect. Below are some thoughts resulting from the effect of the hypothesis. I wrote it a it is and I might elaborate a bit later, or maybe not. Whatever, here’s the list:

1. I hate powerscraps, it makes Orkut look cheap.

2. Our College basketball team is really diverse.

3. A grammar is said to be useful if it can be written in some sentential form and if it can generate a string of terminals.

4. If Obama becomes President, India’s next Head of State should come from the North East.

5. 10 new IITs is way too much.

6. It’ll be nice to be selected in the MCS.

7. Trying to learn the GIMP is really frustrating.

8. The keys of this keyboard are too damn hard.

9. I need a haircut.

10. I hate relative grading.

That’s it for now. Check back after 5 days. Ciao. Btw, I had Chicken Curry today.


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