Posted by: khring | April 14, 2008

When i saw her sitting there

(Introducing another member of the blog – khring. He’s an old classmate from my BCA days and currently working in the Land Revenue and Settlement Department of the Government of Mizoram. Your life has now officially improved by 33% after the addition of our new editor)

Hi! Yall..Well,today went on as a regular day. Until i got an sms from a friend inviting me over to her house for a very special reason..My heart brightened up to the thought, but yet there was an uneasiness in me.

When i reached there, my heart started pounding quite rapidly, then as i entered, there she sat by the table. I was so nervous, i could barely say “Hi!”. Man! just when you get the chance,, u can’t even utter a single word correctly..that’s what happened..Well, i was shaking like a leaf.

My hand shook as i raised my cup to mouth level..Man, was i a sorry lad..But even though i was that nervous,,i had this silent feeling of content upon seeing HER again..words cannot describe the excitement..

Then, Yes, then, i got a call from my dad. I had to go home and drop him off to a relative’s house..What a time for another engagement..

Upon takin leave from my friend and yours truly, i stormed off angrily to my house, but i got back to them after some time, with “Aloo & papawr”.

While they conversed, there i sat quietly, not knowing how to join them in their conversation..sometimes..I wish i was a more “JUST DO IT’ guy..HUH!..It’s just one of those days when everything seems so right and yet u can’t take full control of the situation..

After about an hour, my father called Again..i took my leave from them and went to get my father. And there ended a potential relationship..Oh! Woe is Me..Boo Hooooo.. Just kidding..I can only pray that things take a turn for the good, and i hope i don’t ever blunder again..ever

There you go. I felt Excited, Content, Happy, Nervous, Shy, Stupid and ANGRY!! well, practically a Jackass, so you go repeating what i did, just go for it..HEH!



  1. I followed this from Google Alert service. I tried reading but halted after a few lines.

    For a more readable blog post

    1) Use short sentence
    2) Use sort paragraph
    3) Line between paras

    Don’t use boring title like “Mixed Feeling”. Try something direct and attractive like “She invited me home” hehehe


  2. Don’t be too hard on the dude, it’s his first post. Should’ve edited the formatting tho’. At least we picked up some blogging gems from the master because of it 🙂

  3. Hey! prior to suggestions, i’ve just re-edited the mentioned stuff..hope dis is better than the first one..

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