Posted by: luliana | April 16, 2008

Behind the scenes

Being a medical student, I do come across a whole lot of people who look up at me in admiration. Sometimes I feel that I’m getting the attention and praise which I don’t deserve at all. The general public have this belief that medicine is very tough, is physically and mentally demanding and requires a great deal of hard work. To a certain extent, that’s true. But there are things which many of you out there don’t really know about. Let me now take you behind the scenes of a medical college.

1. Do not let the thick books intimidate you. Majority of medical students have egos, and like to flaunt such books. Like any other exams, common questions are always common, and selective reading is damn important. Nobody really reads through the whole book anyway, unless he is the author or the proof-reader.

2. Do not be misled by abbreviations. Many of them are as plain stupid as the doctor who coined them. For example, FUO simply means Fever of Unknown Origin.

3. Giving a diagnosis is not that tough. It’s mainly between an inflammatory process and non-inflammatory process. If inflammation, add the word ‘-itis’, and if not, add ‘-pathy’.

4. The word ‘plasty’ sounds like a complex surgical procedure. But it really means sewing up things together. The rest is left for the almighty God to complete.

5. When a medical student says he is having labour room duty, his ‘duty’ will usually involve frequent trips to the blood bank, calling the patient’s attendant, ordering tea from the canteen and a whole lot of jobs usually done by peons. Worst part is that peons get paid!! Rarely, a lucky student might be asked to take a blood pressure reading.

6. Remembering all the drugs seems tought, isn’t it? Hey, that’s not necessary at all. Even senior doctors do refer drug indexes. In India, knowing when and how to prescribe paracetamol and antibiotic drugs will get you enough dough to feed yourself.

7. Taking along your stethcoscope to the clinical class is of utmost importance, that is to impress the teachers. You will do well and fine if you know where to listen for a normal heart beat.

8. Most of the students who enter the OT will leave the OT without even catching a glimpse of the patient.

9. And lastly, there is nothing such as concepts in medicine. It all boils down to how much one can mug up before the exams.



  1. Very insightful indeed. Now I know what to call the itchy-groin-itis that I’ve had for years.

  2. Its not that necessary to give names to simple problems which can be rid off with a regular bath..heh..pakhat zawk kha lo con ve teh, draft a mi kha

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