Posted by: luliana | April 16, 2008

Days gone by…

With nothing productive to do, there is nothing better to do than to think back about those days gone by. It might not be that interesting for those who aren’t known to us personally, but still…

1. P C Zonunmawia, a.k.a. “The Great Ninja” running for his dear life after allegedly being attacked by a shoalin-trained-samurai-welding chicken!

2. Silent_Man, as a kid, had to make use of the biological products of his body to wash his hands after running out of water.

3. City Police Zorema once finished two whole packets of Kuhva Hring sitting on the steps of a girl’s house possibly because he could not gather enough courage to enter her house. Till this day the truth remains unclear.

4. CH.K.a was politely asked to shift out from Sunday School Senior’s Department after what he considers as 7 short years.

5. Luliana once got into a ‘one-sided’ fight after a game of basketball. His mom sewed up a cut on his lips without any anaesthesia. Now that’s what I call a man!

6. The Chhamanator the only living person in the history of mankind who manages to travel from Shillong to Aizawl with 8 rupees and return 3 rupees to his parents. Great economist indeed. But being his travelmate is one heck of a burden. By the way, he didn’t skip his meals.

7. The first suit which Zedi stitched with his own two hands was designed according to a certain yoga posture.

8. On a Sunday night service a few years back, I joined Zorema in the control room of our church. As usual, the sermon bored us, and we knew what we had to do. But since we were so good at it, we over did it! Yes, both of us! The guys sitting in the last row had to wake us up.



  1. 2 and 5 has been EDITED by the boss..sorry folks!!

  2. What? I ain’t done nuthin’ y’all..

  3. Yes, 2 and 5 have factual errors in the people involved

  4. You’re right. Number 2 does have factual errors in the people involved it should be “Silent_Man and luliana”. Thanks for the heads up..

  5. What can I say? He’s the boss..

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