Posted by: luliana | April 28, 2008

New jobs under MNF government

We all know that unemployment is a big problem in our state. To add to the burden, educated youth are reluctant to work outside. Since jobs are far and few, the only viable solution to this problem is to create new jobs. Below are a couple of jobs available under the present MNF government –


With our moral values on the downslide, that means more and more people will be willing to take their enmity to the extreme. Political rivalries will increase, and the market for a well-trained hitmen will only get bigger. The nature of the work might suit men more than women, but women are equally capable. Since the area of operation will be small, hitmen in Mizoram will not have to be trained in sophisticated weapons and armoury unlike the ones in the movie Hitmen. A simple hands on everyday tools like kitchen knife, hammer, chisel and screwdriver will suffice.


One may need a second thought on this as election is near. Anyway, being a contractor under MNF ministry is quite simple. First, you need to know the location of “Hnam Run”. Next, you have to learn how to sing “Lengkhawm Zai”. If you have an experience playing the traditional Mizo drum, that might be an advantage. You will first start by sitting on the roadside verandah blocking and interfering with the flow of vehicular traffic. After you have gained enough experience and confidence, you can move inside. Party leaders will visit now and then. That’s your big chance. Try to catch their eyes as much as possible, anyway and anyhow, otherwise your dream might not become a reality. I am being told that “drummers” are given preference. But the rate of success is slim as you will be competing directly with hard-core party workers.

Self-proclaimed anti-narcotic agent

This job is physically demanding and can get risky and nasty at times. The pay isn’t good either. But educational requirement is low, as raw muscle is given preference over brain. The advantage of this job is that although people, as individuals, will despise you secretly, they will never have the courage to speak out openly. Contact your nearest NGO for further information.


Ever heard of designations like ‘personal secretary to the adviser to the chief minister’, or ‘relation officer to cancer patients in Kolkata but most of the time stays in Aizawl’. These and many other made-up-designations are available under the MNF ministry. But the problem is that these jobs are never advertised.

Domestic help

Ministers and the likes employ mainly Nepalis as domestic help to maintain their many farm houses in and around Aizawl. A demand can be put forward so that these jobs are reserved only for sons of the soil. Since our elected leaders can’t really do anything collectively as a government, it will be a small sacrifice on their part to help solve the unemployment problem.



  1. lolzzzz 🙂

    You should submit this to the Cabinet. Hehehe. Great imagination from you. You are one hell of a creative dude.

  2. Thanx..Feels nice to be complimented by the master of the online journalism..anyway, this proposal will be submitted in the next budget session[:D]

  3. It is true that they had hitmen already before they took up governance in the state and their present captain was and has been the one who wrote warning letters and sent to the targets with a bullet or two in advance. It is the appropriate time to expose them as they would not mind doing it again to intimidate their rivals in order to continue their money making adventure. Are we all cowards that we don’t speak out at all1

    It appears misual visitors are all jokers. Is misual only for fun and for scandalising personal adversaries?

  4. How exactly do we xpose them? Is there enough evidence?

  5. btw..I think ur comment is suppose to be on the page..

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