Posted by: khring | May 10, 2008

Ever had those moments…

I sometimes wonder if I’m one of the unluckiest and yet luckiest guys in the world. I list out 3 of my most embarassing moments among many, for your perusal and pure enjoyment. Kindly keep them to your personal self only.

    My Number One Very Most Embarassing Moment :

Without a thought, I once participated in a Singing Competition some years back. It did not occur to me then that I simply cannot sing. I realized my mistake only after standing on the stage.
Well, it went okay till I began to sing. Then, the nervous breakdown began to happen. I could’nt get the chords right and my singing was almost inaudible (if the audience would call it singing). I even forgot the lyrics and started over, only to worsen the situation leading to even more embarassment. I need not mention the effect it had on the audience. After that, I could’nt face any of my friends for at least a week. The motto here is “If you think you can’t do it, you can’t”.

    My Number Two Most Embarassing Moment :

I once played the part of a well known character in a children’s novel at a function in our institution. I did it reluctantly due to constant pressure from the Chhamanator who happened to be House Captain at the time. Upon standing on stage in front of our parents, I began to forget what i was to say, and I mumbled something that sounded like something the character I was playing used to say. I was so embarassed. And to top it off, my father was present there too. I felt quite stupid to have played the part in the first place and I felt like giving a blow to the Chhamanator’s head for having made me do it in the first place. But, it served as a memorable experience anyway. So go ahead and do something stupid like me. You may enjoy and regret it at the same time. The motto here would be “Don’t do everything your friends tell you”

    Number Three Embarassing Moment :

On a Sunday cruise with friends to The Chhamantor’s locality, I met an accident. You might say,”What’s so funny about an accident”, Right!. Well read on.Well, I was riding without my hands on the handlebars and on the way we passed a number of vehicles. We even waved to them in a very carefree way!! (well, i don’t know if i put that quite right). On the next curve, the accident happened. I did not care to slow down, and this led to our downfall. The road was strewn with pebbles and sand making it very slippery. I could’nt make the turn as I intended for fear of falling over, but it was quite likely that we were going to crash anyway.

I had three choices :

one – hit the wall to the left and come to a very painful and maybe fatal stop.
two – hit the pavement to the right, which might stop us or very well led to our deaths by just letting us through to the cliffs below.
three – tip over and slide gracefully on the sand and pebbles and come to a very painful halt.
Not a lot of good choices right!

So, option three being the most reasonable choice, I tipped over and we were thrown from our seats, my friend riding on me (well, he was on my back as I slid over the sand and pebbles, though I did’nt know until a day later). After finally stopping, I got up as soon as I could and looked over to my scooter. All I had in my mind was “Is the scooter alright!”. Why? you may ask. Because it did’nt belong to me. That’s why. Then after my injuries started having their say to my brain, the pain started. I had got a number of pebbles stabbed into my hands, (if i may put it that way), and they sure left my hands burning all right.

The vehicles we had passed earlier, now passed us in succession and was it ever embarassing to see them again. My friends tended to my wounds and rushed me to hospital. I have learnt a very vital lesson this day. Never be reckless and careless when on a vehicle, two or four wheelers. I was lucky that my accident did’nt prove fatal, and am thankful for it.

I seem to have learned things the hard way, but I must say, They sure are effective! So go ahead, enjoy life, do something stupid, and one day you’ll realize that “Everything happens for a Reason” or So!..



  1. Haha..Its an open secret now…

  2. Wow!! Its a privilege to be mentioned twice in your list of most embarrassing moments. I’ll never forget the Harry Potter incident. It’s great to see the boy wizard unable to catch a flying broom.
    This is quite a list, but what about the “Vairampur atangin” incident? 🙂

  3. Oh! the vairampur accident was not so embarassing..compared to the above mentioned ones. Well, i don’t really care, i’ll just let bygones be bygones..

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