Posted by: luliana | May 17, 2008

You know you’re in Mizoram when….

1. People are much more familiar with the word ‘loan’, while ‘savings’ sounds relatively alien to them.

2. An airport under construction becomes a picnic spot.

3. Showroom is considered an important index of development, rather than an institute of national repute.

4. Ginger seems to be the only crop grown in the state.

5. Pigs form an important part of the household.

6. Corruption is thought to be canceled out by heavy church donations.

7. Jobless youths zipping through narrow lanes with expensive motorcycles is considered hip.

8. There is a competition which directly selects ‘super-models’, instead of first selecting ‘models’.

9. The chance of sharing a town bus seat with a celebrity is quite high.

10. The food that you eat is sold in roadside pavements while the shoes you wear are sold in air conditioned showrooms.



  1. *BOWS DOWN*

    Priceless piece of work!!! Absolutely love it!!!!!! Seriously dude, you’re become better and better at this. I still can’t stop laughing even now. Keep it up and looking forward to more hilarious posts like this one!

  2. Thanx a lot…half credit goes to the adm though, for his contributions..

  3. Thu dik thailang thra khop mai a….Jokes ah chuan dah mahla, joke chu a nilo khop mai..tiro

  4. va tha kher em!!! dik lutuk

  5. Why did it all sound soo familiar to me?? hehehe! Nice compilation!

  6. mizo trawng a mi kha i translate mi šŸ™‚

  7. thank ya all…

    @bosco..a mizo tawng? ka bo…:)

  8. Really creative and extremely funny. Though, I am surprised you did not take a pot shot at the amount of tobacco consumed in our state. Waiting for more.

  9. This is not a JOKE, rather it is a modern proverbs. I propose to all the Naupang Sunday School teachers to get by-heart this 10 points and make them understand to their students

  10. point 3 na khi ka thlop tlat..bak chu no comment

  11. Bluffing and blaming on the system , excusing self from what he/ she teaches, pointing neighbours without looking inner self and thinking that soemone alse would come to do these/that kinda job would surely confirmed that you are sitting next to Mizo!

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