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A very unofficial guide to MNNIT – Updated

Below is a list of information about MNNIT. Please remember that it is an opinion mostly based on personal experiences and therefore may differ from person to person. However, I feel it is the truth and hope anyone wishing to enroll in the college will read the post carefully before doing so. Any questions regarding the post and the institute itself is highly welcome. This is by no means an “I hate MNNIT” post. I like MNNIT, that’s why I’m here. It’s more of a guide for students working their butt off to get to a college of good repute and is written with the hope that this post might help them in some way by giving them information on what to expect from the college. Also, I have passed out from the Institute in 2010 and I have no way of knowing what is the current situation. Therefore many of these points may no longer be valid (if they were ever valid in the first place).

You get (mostly) good students

Any student wishing to be an Engineer would always opt for the IITs first. Next comes some colleges like BITS, IIIT, IT-BHU and then come the NITs. So, statistically speaking you get the top 20% engineering students of the country stydying at MNNIT. This is true for the BTech programmes. In MCA, it may be around the top 30% and 55% in Mtech and MBA.

Pure technical curriculum

Now, I cannot say for every course that is being offered but as far as I know, most of the subjects for Btech, MTech and MCA courses are very technical in nature. So you don’t have management related papers that is now quite common in other universities.

It’s not that innovative

MNNIT is the first college in India to have a BTech course in Comuter Science. It is also the home of the PARAM supercomputer. At present, however, in terms of introducing innovative courses, MNNIT lags way behind other colleges of similar repute. Just think, the only new course to be introduced in the 2008-09 session is MSc Mathematics.

Free internet

This is one of the best things about MNNIT. Although the connection is not that fast considering the fact that it is shared by about 3000 students. It’s comparable to a decent dialup connection. But the fact that it’s completeley free and you get it for 24 hours makes it an attractive facility nonetheless.

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ve come to the wrong place

MNNIT being a technical institute, sports is not given that much preference. Cricket is naturally the dominant sport followed by volleyball. Other sports like basketball, football and badminton etc. are also played at a smaller scale. On the other hand, if you’re into FPSes like Counter Strike, you’ll find somebody to play a multiplayer game any time of the day (and night).

The dating scene

It is a universally proven fact that the most attractive people either takes Arts or did not graduate from high school. So, its unfair to expect supermodels in a technical institute and that too amongst the best in India. However, it is human nature to want to mingle and socialize. Therefore, people do go out on dates and have fun. And these guys aren’t necessarily at the bottom of the class academically either.

Weather and climate

Allahabad is freezing cold in winter and scalding hot in the summer. However, in some months, especially November and February, the weather is moderate and these are definitely the best months of the year in Allahabad. The college is in the process of renovating some of the buildings and equipping them with air conditioners. But it will be some years before/if the hostels have the A/C facilities.

Education is cheap

Because of the huge funding NITs received from the government, the fees for all courses are very low compared to most technical institutes and even amongst the NITs, MNNIT probably charges the one of the lowest fees. It’s lucky that we can get quality education without spending a fortune.

The teachers

Senior teachers are either good or cracked. The junior teachers especially those coming from UP and the surrounding states usually have a problem speaking Hindi. This is the reason why the college receives so many criticisms from both foreign students and non-Hindi speaking Indians. All in all, you get ok teachers, but if you expect to see innovative, inspirational teachers, you’ll probably be disappointed.

Power cuts

There is a power cut between 10am and 1pm. This situation is the same throughout the city. The institute has a generator which provides the required power during these hours but this is distributed only within the classrooms and labs. The hostels have their own generators but they are turned on only at night and that too only during exams.

The hostel is cramped

There are 8 hostels (6 for boys and 2 for girls) in MNNIT. Out of these, only one (PG Hostel) is singly seated. In all the other boys’ hostels, students are arranged in such a way that 3 or sometimes even 4 students share a room constructed to seat 2 students and all rooms built as single seaters host 2 students. This is going to get even worse in the 2008 academic session as MNNIT will start implementing the 27% OBC quotas. The Director speaks of renting nearby houses to host post graduate and senior Undergraduate students to ease the space crunch. Even then, the problem is unlikely to go away for some years.

You will be ragged

Actually, you will not be ragged because it’s called “interaction” out here. You will be abused verbally, some may even be violent. It doesn’t sound that bad but if you’re on the receiving end of it and considering its your first few months in a foreign environment, it can get pretty depressing.

Update: The Institute has done an amazing job in eradicating ragging in the institute. Since last year, they have stepped up their efforts and ragging has virtually been eliminated from the college. One of the most welcome development I have seen in my years at MNNIT. (Maybe they’ve heard about this blog?? 🙂 )

The seniors don’t know everything

It is human nature to boast about yourself to people and MNNIT-ians are no different. So, every year, the seniors will claim the placement is better than it really is, that their class is way superior compared to others. I even heard one of our seniors claim that he is going to do the grading for our papers – what a loser! So its always good to exercise caution and use common sense before blindly believing whatever is being said by the seniors.

The seniors know more than you

They’ve been in the college longer than you, so the seniors probably know more than you. It’s best to take advice from trusted seniors about how to behave, what to do and which places to avoid etc.

Kissing the MTech guy’s butt really helps

Final year (and sometimes first year) MTech students sometimes takes lab classes and are usually used as paper evaluators by the senior teachers. Although most of them are very fair in evaluating your papers and giving assessment for your lab classes, there are some dishonest people who will favour some particular students because they kiss their butts. Although I strongly disagree with the practice and believe that favouritism have no place in deciding a student’s career, if you really want to do well, you can kiss the Mtech guy’s butt and if you’re lucky he will give you an extra couple of marks and this can really go a long way in determining your final grades. There’s this one Mtech guy from and he used to evaluate the papers for one of the professors. In our first class test, the girls really received great marks while the boys weren’t so lucky. In the second class test, people who were against ragging (he supports the seniors who used to rag us) gets lower marks again. All the while people from his hometown never seemed to get low marks. Even in the final lab exams, he will ask the students whether they could run their programs, and when they replied in the negative, he would give either a “not executed” or “partially executed” depending on the person. However, this is an example of one of the rare extremities of favoritism.

The food sucks

Search “MNNIT mess food sucks” in Orkut and you will find a community with over four hundred members. This tells the story of the kind of food that is being served in the kitchens of the institute. But considering the fact that you paid 6000 rupees for 6 months, it’s probably the best they can give you. Even then, I’ve said this a million times and I’ll say it again “MNNIT mess food sucks”.

You get to experience different technical festivals

Avishkar, Gnosiomania, Robofest. These are some of the festivals where you get to explore your creative side and escape the rigors of day to day classroom lectures.

Allahabad is not a friendly city for outsiders

Rickshaw-wallahs trying to cheat you, shopkeepers trying to sell faulty goods, people calling you names – you will experience all these in Allahabad. You have to be really careful especially if you are coming from outside the state. All this compounded by the fact that most Allahabadis speak only Hindi can make it a nightmare for outsiders. However, the area around the Institute is better in this respect compared to other areas of the city like Naini.

MNNIT is still one of the best

I very recently visited a blog from someone called Meenakshi at and it made me wonder whether she’s ok while writing the review. The reason? She ranked MNNIT 6th among the NITs offering MCA courses. Now, I’m the first to admit that MNNIT does not usually live up to expectation but seriously, which institute does? Although it may not be the best college but it certainly is one of the best relatively and there is no way in hell MNNIT is below the NITs from Calicut, Bhopal or even Surathkal.



  1. Good one! I’m tempted to write ‘an unofficial guide to GMC’ hehe

  2. Brilliant , brutally honest , wonderful!

    I wish that you might also write an article comparing MNNIT and IIIT Allahabad.


  3. Regaring ragging , I’ve read a lot bad stuff about it on the net , and that scares me. 😦

    I am particularly concerned about how safe are the hostels at night time. What is troubling is that even if ragging is reported to authorities , they don’t do anything to stop it. I’ve read extreme incidents of freshers being sexually abused by seniors , in certain institutes. I pray that such incidents are rarest of the rare.

    Also , how good is the option of preferring to live in a private lodging instead of the crowded hostels ?

    Regards ,

    • the ragging is not of that much menacing proportion as it is said to be.the ragging u get is during 1st yr which is mostly verbal abuse-something to which u will be accustomed to if u are hailing from UP(and if u are from somewhere else then u won’t probably understand what they say).in any case ragging in mnnit is something which has been blown out of don’t worry.and u can be a day scholar;but it will be better if u become a hosteller.u will be provided with free internet facility,besides your interaction with your roommates and other guys out there in the hostel will be a great learning i would personally advice u to b a hosteller

  4. e thiana… hei teh nalh chu a nuihzahthlak hleee na a, mahse mizo tawng in kan lo comment lawk mai.

    Tiang ang thil ziah hi chu a chi vakloh ka ti deuh, kha ta zirlai mek i nih phei phei chuan. Internet ah hian mi zawng zawng in an chhiar vek thei a, zirlai nih pah a i zirna institute public a han sawi chhiat (fiamthu emaw thutak) chu, in zirtirtu te emaw senior thenkhat te ngaihdan a ni lo dawn hrim hrim a…

    Keini pawh kan college zirna lampang chu ka sawisel ve vek a, mahse “internal discussion board” velah a nia an sawi thin, mi dang zawng zawng lo chhiar a tan chuan a chi vak loh ka ti deuh… i thiante thenkhat in nuihzathlak ti hle mahse (ka nuih vak vak ang hian), a tawp a tawp ah chuan, i senior emaw zirtirtute ngaihdan a nih loh chuan a tuartu kha nangmah i ni leh dawn tho a ni.

    anyway, just a friendly advice from a brother. A dang te pawh rawn ziak zel rawh, in institute lampang lo deuh te pawh 🙂 Tiang ang hi kan lo tawng tawh a, kan buai anga i lo buai ve loh nan mai mai a ni ka rawn comment ve lawk, bro.

  5. @Mazin, the hostels have their own guards and seniors are not allowed to enter them without the permission of the warden or caretaker. Although not completlely foolproof, it’s quite safe at night.
    The authorities will take action if ragging is reported, the problem is that the freshers are usually too scared to do anything.
    I have never heard an incident of sexual abuse during ragging. I assure you this will not happen in MNNIT.
    I don’t know anyone living in a private lodging but the disadvantage is that you may not be able to receive some breaking news and you have to do without the help of your friends living in the hostel most of the time.
    Don’t be too scared. Thousands of students enroll every year and they’re doing just fine. And it’s best to enter the institute in a positive mindset.

  6. @Sandman, thanks for the concern. Fimkhur deuhvin ka lo che tawh dawn nia. Chhukthlak leh hma chu kung-fu ka zir char char mai ang 🙂

  7. “So you don’t have management related papers that is now quite common in other universities.”

    Why do you need it to be in the curriculum? grab some book listed here and start reading.

  8. Hi,
    I appreciate your endeavour .
    but I would like to comment on status of MCA in MNNIT.
    I Think MNNIT Stands above the NIT’s like MANIT bhopal or NIT Calicut.
    Even I am a product of MNNIT Allahabad, And I left Surathkal, warangal, calicut and Bhopal in favour of MNNIT.

    I would have got admission in any NIT axcept trichy, but i choosen MNNIT, and most of my batchmates done so.

    So dont underestimate MCA’s at MNNIT, they all are good Rank Holders.

  9. gr88 work bro….exactly the way mnnit is……….

  10. I heard it from 7-8 of my friends (all girls) that Allahabad city, being in U.P. is not safe for girls at all. but its their own opinion.
    i\’ve heard that extreme ragging is done in allahabad and no measures to check that too. Even at MCA and MTech level (considered to be professional courses ….huh).
    Also, some BTech guy commited suicide just bcz of being ragged 3 years back (and now don\’t try to hide this fact).

    • no ragging presently

  11. Hey. Where is my comment regarding ragging ? afraid to answer ?

    You invited me to comment on your blog and now giving such an unfriendly treatment.

  12. brilliant honest and truthful…..gosh i shd hav written this on mine …damm u 😛

  13. @Meenakshi, sorry my net connnection was down for a few days and I cant go online. Please understand.
    Regarding your questions on ragging done to girls, please read the comment by pseudo_technocrat on the post “5 things i hate about MNNIT”.
    Ragging is indeed a menace. BTech and MCA guys are ragged but not MBA and MTech guys. One BTech guy commited suicide last year because of ragging. But in my opinion ragging is not that extreme an as far as i know, all other NIT freshers are ragged in some degree at least. Always here to answer more of your questions.

  14. Hey nice info, i’m joining mnnit this year for ece or may be cs if they give…
    I want to know the scene inside boys hostel
    is there any facility like (washing machine for boys as they said for girls?
    thanda paani to milega na?(refrigirator)
    and do they have TV to watch india pak match?
    can i download movies on the internet?
    do reply

  15. @Shashank, There is no washing machine in the boys’ hostel but a dhobi do visit regularly. You get a water cooler for your thanda paani needs. There is a gym and you will also get a tv with cable connection. All the rooms are connected with internet and you can download movie torrents. Most students use dc++ and you can use this for your needs as well

  16. Hey chammanator,

    1. As a fresher , is it advisible to to bring a laptop and keep it in the hostel rooms ? I mean since rooms are shared , therefore how can I be sure of its safety etc ?


  17. @Mazin, yes, a laptop is a better choice because Allahabad has a power cut from 10am to 1 pm and sometimes during the night as well. I dont think MNNITians steal things, but since every batch is new, its always better to be careful. you can get a laptop lock or lock it inside your cupboard if youre concerned about its safety.

  18. Really its a good information about MNNIT.
    I belongs to Allahabad and what ever you told it right.
    Give some information about IIIT.

  19. wow man, thanks! you’ve done this mini encyclopedia on MNNIT, man. Real helpful. I’m joining MNNIT in a few days.

  20. Hello,
    I am an NRI ,I want to know how is the performance (Academically)of NRI students at MNNIT. also is there any dress code at the college.

  21. Sorry, I don’t really know the specific performance of NRI students.
    BTech freshers will be required to wear an all white uniform for the first 2 months. Other than that, your fashion is entirely upto you.

  22. Whatever you said is 100% true and brutally honest…
    I am in B. Tech 2nd Year now. One of our batchmates had committed suicide last year, but that was not bcoz of ragging as was reported… There was no ragging that we faced. So that should satisfy most people writing abt ragging in the institute.
    Thank You chhamanator.

  23. Thank you for the insight, Trical. Let’s hope what you said about ragging is true and no junior of yours faced the same, not even ‘interaction’…

  24. Excellent judgment. Perhaps the most honest and unbiased review of our college. Anybody wanting to join MNNIT can have a look and decide. I would however say that this review can be a touch (yes only a touch) more positive. The facilities like LAN, Student Activity Center, Gymnasium, Tennis Courts, Basketball courts, National Level College fests, etc are stuff that add a lot of value.

  25. @Rahul
    Thanks for the comment and I agree I pointed out mostly the wrong side of Allahabad. I’m currently drafting a post on what i liked about MNNIT. Stay tuned…

  26. hii…..visiting after a long tym…still busy wid placements wud surely write my comments about 5 things i like about i promised

  27. hey pseudo_tech, long time no message. Hope your placement went well. Looking forward to your post.

  28. Very good, concise, realistic and seemingly true guide (I cant vouch, though) and comments and reply also made this a sort of FAQ.

  29. @Cham..
    Hey dude its really nice to see that u took so much pain in scripting down all the views (mostly reality) , but i want to clarify some of your points as i am pass out of 2006; Ok , here i go ….first tell you some things about the things from a students point of view who is willing to take admission in one of the best tech coll in india. When i was in 12th i had rank of 3514 in IIT-JEE and i was gettin last branches of IT-BHU and ISM-Dhanbad and in NIT’s counselling i was gettin many a things in
    all NIT’s , but i chose MNNIT because of its legacy it has shared till now..

    MNNIT (formerly MNREC) was the first in country to start CSE , first (plus IITK IISc and ISI) to host the PARAM in India, for 10-15 yrs our college professors were visiting proffs to IITk and IITd and MNNIT was the first college in country which took the initiative for fostering the enterpreneurship and leadership qualities in fellow countrymen and among the students with 68 sheds of small scale industries in and around the college…

    MNNIT was till some yrs ago and so in all for 30-40 yrs was the biggest centre for the IAS crackers and also other civil service exams….In my batch many of my friends had left last branches or IIT’s and were the topper of their states and could have got anything in other so called better NIT’s(which i dont agree with completely)

    So my whole essay was written with one thing in mind —- why MNNIT is not in Top-10 in country?? Why the infrastructure which was once best in country is just the same than the other private colleges are having much better infrasture….Why the biggest strength of the college is the bright and highly intellectual students?

    And why not also one of the best infrastructure and highly qualified Faculty..??

    The Answer of all the Questions are as follows:-
    1) The main problem is the City -Allahabad , which by itself is not developing and so much of the local developing influence is not coming to college and hence the faculty (most of them) have the Allahabadi mentality and hence seldom any of them think of doing something good about the college and if any student comes and think of bringing out the revolution tehn he/she will be suppressed so much that the thinking itself will not come in front again.

    2) And @Cham – Dude i tell you the reality , teh MNNIT rocks , and i am telling you all this because i can see all our college Alumni’s opening there own companies, and when any MNNITian think of switching then he/she will njoy the brand tag attached with his/her name as the call comes and they are offered ultimate packages where colleges I(infact the other NIT’s as well)

    SO, Dude njoy the time you are in college , i bet you gonna miss everybit of MNNIT after college , even the most hated thing….
    So god bless you all and please try to present the real truth to the new comers as they
    are the only strength left with the college, coz its the mirror basically ….
    And again dont hate anything in your college coz its all the same in other colleges
    everywhere as well…….

    Sorry for a long post and posting it again ………
    Comments welcomed and awaited…..

  30. @scorpking, thank you for the insightful comment and the interesting insight. It is a privilege to have an Ex-MNNITian honor the blog with his take on the whole thing. I’ve been here for a year and many of my opinions have changed about the college, mostly for the better but some that I dislike more. It is indeed a privilege to be here and am doing everything to make my stay worthwhile. Once again, thank you and please keep visiting for more…

  31. Hey Cham first of all wanna congratulate again on a gr8 wrk ……..its actually the practice which should be done in a portal which everyone should access..newhow it has to be started in some way or the other …….
    I have many a things to talk to and many a things to share with , will keep you posted and will ask my network also to cisit your blog and provide the insights……….

  32. I do not know how boys and girls put up 4 years in Manit, Bhopal with no care for studies, no lab is working, no library to freshers, no going out to freshers, one year long ragging and boys getting beaten up daily, rooms cramped and girls in common rooms and TV rooms. Infrastructure like electical cabling, computers etc does not function or unusable. No computers in hostels, wires do not bring internet into rooms.
    Director and staff are constantly busy with fighting among themselves. Freshers are forced to bunk classes by an anonymous SMS. And most times the teachers do not come to classes if students manage to attend the classes. Many call it fate! With private institutes offering better facility the MHRD run institute like MANIT looks decades behind in facilities and attitudes. If you have a choice MANIT should be your last choice. Suicide looks better option to me

  33. Dear newstudent,
    Thank you for taking the time to post a comment. But I am not completely sure whether you intentionally did since this is a post about MNNIT, Allahabad while you wrote about MANIT Bhopal. However, I’m glad you brought out the problems faced by the students in the college which I assume you are currently studying.
    It is common knowledge that the status and reputation of the NITs has suffered a setback in recent years and it is the duty of every NITian to ensure that the institute maintains its prestige and the high standard it used to be known by. You and I belong to an institute which seems to lose the respect and admiration of its peers and I hope the authorities act fast and unselfishly so that the NIT brand is always respected and admired the world over.
    My only advice to you is to keep doing what your heart tells you is right and not be bothered about the distractions and stupid and evil so called ‘traditions’ like ragging that hampers the growth of an individual.
    I wish you all the best and hope you know that suicide is never an option.

  34. Hi all !

    What a walk through memory lanes and I am forced to write few lines here. Well guys I am a 1986 pass out of the same college. And I must tell you that today I understood that even though world has really changed in 20 years (actually 22) but few things in the then MNREC is same. First the ones which seems to have totally changed:

    1. Up to 86 we used to have best companies of those times coming to the campus. And it is true.
    2. Can you believe all of us from 1st to final year used to have single seated rooms.
    3. Foods was really yummy. And when we used to go back to our homes our mothes always used to tell that this time TOO you have put on more weight.
    4. Dating…… bhool jao doston. MNREC and Allahabad was too conservative for it.
    5. Faculty was not outstanding but still it was good.
    6. We used to have horrible ragging in those times for good 4 months.


    Thanks friends for making visit those times again and I must tell ALL OF YOU YOUNG GUYS that we had blast of the time and all of us from those Class of 80’s are fairly well placed. thanks to our mnrec/ mnnit

  35. @adhir
    Thank you, sir for taking time to write a comment on this blog. It’s people like you who gave MNNIT/MNREC the good reputation it has till today.
    I’m glad to know that you all are doing really well in your respective careers. We, your super super… juniors still dream of emulating your achievements. Once again, thank you and hope you visit the blog regularly.

  36. Hey buddy..
    Very well scripted. Everything mentioned in detail. There are I guess a few changes you might want to do. The net speed (browsing) has increased dramatically. Its not like a dialup anymore. There is a new NRI hostel coming up in the teacher’s residence area so you might want to update that.
    And as far as faculty quality is concerned, I guess that is a problem which most institutions (barring IITs) face today. This I tell you from a personal experience. I have been to a lot of places. [;)]
    And the dress code..[:(].. Its a sad thing that the white dress code has been discontinued. [:(]

  37. if i have a choice btween iiit-a and mnnit for ece, which will be the better option? Really confused, plz ans asap

    • @farzaan, IIIT-A is usually ranked higher in the All-India College rankings taking all engineering streams into account. However with the TEQUIP program for ECE in MNNIT, I believe MNNIT is just as good, if not better than IIT-A in ECE. I would suggest you inquire a bit more..

  38. MNNIT is not as good as NIT calicut,surathkal,warangal and trichy. They form the best 4 NITs in India. For various reasons like much better infrastructure and stuff. Moreover professors dont teach in Hindi in any of these institutes.

  39. there is no such community as’ MNNIT mess food suck’ in orkut…

  40. plz tell about packages offered at mnnit

    • @dexter, packages change according to the economic scenario. expect anything between 20,000 to 1.5 lakhs.

  41. which branch is better?? ece or eee?
    wat about nit calicut is it better than mnnit?

    • @simpi, ece at MNNIT is one of the colleges included in the TEQUIP program. So, ECE may be better than EEE.
      Regarding Calicut vs Allahabad, If I have to do it over again, I think I would prefer Calicut because they speak English and the food is more to my liking. In terms of academics, they are about equal. Therefore, your final choice may be dictated by other factors beside academics.

  42. hello frnd thanks for replying
    plz help me to choose
    cse,ece,me(automation and robotics) at dce
    cse,ece at mnnit
    considering placement ,facilities ,college reputation etc.
    can one do Mtech from IITK after BE , or are there any restrictions?
    answer soon

    • i feel dce is better than mnnit

      • @simpi, I dont have information about DCE so I would really appreciate it if you could provide more information.

    • @dexter, I dont know much about DCE so it would be unfair for me to say one is better than the other.
      Of course you can do Mtech from IITK after BE. The requirements for the admission is the GATE requirement provided you do well enough in the GATE exam.

  43. colleges have different ranks according to rankings conducted by different agencies.
    on which to rely on?

    i wish to go to dce counselling, but that would be too late (31 july),however i have good chance of electronics at mnnit.
    so plz tell about counselling and admission fee refund rules of mnnit?

  44. this was exactly what we have seen in the college in my ist year in b-tech.
    so I admire one who have written this blog.

  45. what about mba in mnnit

    i am coming to waste my future here

    after wasting 4 years after my engg sitting ideal

    mba student needs 100 percent attendance i will not do it

    and i hate obc sc st people they dont deserve our status as they always want quota give them quota to study in isolation also.

    i will sleep till noon play sports in night dekhte hae kon kya bigarta hae

    • kaun hai be! 4 saal ka dhkka lag gaya hai phir bhi jubaan nikal raha hai MNNIT me mauka mil kaise gya be aukat to nahi lagti teri….frustoooooo

  46. very well the way are u persuing degree from there or a pass out.

    • @vasu, Thanks. Yes, I’m still here. I’m in my final years.

  47. sir my attandance is short in physics practical .it is only about 30%. so how does i protect me from back.can i
    give a madical certi or some what?sir please give me some information

  48. sir is 5-6 pointer student can get placement in ece

    • @vineet, first of all, make sure you attend the remaining practicals. Go and meet the concerned teacher and tell him why you missed so many classes with valid reasons. It will be necessary to produce a medical certificate if that’s the reason why you missed the class.
      5 and 6 pointers do get placed provided you perform well in the placement exams. But your option of companies will be limited as most of them will set the cutoffs at 6.5 CPI or above.

  49. sir how much summer back affects the placement??

    • it’s difficult to say how much the back papers themselves affect the placement since guys with back subjects generally tend to have a relatively lower CPI as well. Some companies do include ‘no back papers’ as a criteria. However, many companies, in fact, most of the companies do not seem to deny a student employment because of back papers. However, it’s safe to say having back papers will either make your chances of placement similar or worse than your classmates without back subjects.

  50. sir how many students get back in engineering graphics in a year,and similar to chem and others subjects?q
    ques2 why our college is lagging behind south indian nits and why our college do not invite any singer in any functions?????

    • Since I don’t take any engineering graphics, I can’t say how many got back papers. The same can be said for chem and other subjects.
      It’s difficult to say why our college lags behind the South Indian NITs. In fact, some people may argue that we’re at the same level with them. One reason might be the reputation that has been earned by the Southern NITs allow them the luxury of getting the best students from AIEEE. Many problems are management related as well. For example, a newspaper report a few months back illustrates how MNNIT lags behind in terms of fund utilization when compared with the other NITs. Regarding the famous singers issue, I think the number 1 reason that will be given is lack of funds..

  51. Another good article..
    “he is going to do the grading for our papers – what a loser! ”
    Who was the loser guy grading your papers?

    • Let’s just say it wasn’t you 🙂

  52. “Kissing the MTech guy’s butt really helps”
    regarding this i would like to say that you should have contacted the subject teacher/co-ordinator and asked for a re-evaluation. I used to do the same, if my answer sheets were not marked properly. If something has been written by me as answer proove it to be wrong and give me no/zero marks, instead of partial marking OR else give me full marks.

  53. hi @chham…
    i have appeared for nimcet mca 2010….and i m expecting a score between 190-200 out of 480…
    is there any chance for me to acquire a seat in mnnit allahbd… per previous year cut-off records…..plz do reply…..

    i live in delhi…..and i m willing to go to any nit for my PG …so ………if nit’s like warangal and surathkal are in my fate..should i leave mnnit for them…..????

    • @just_aby, actually I dont know my score and neither did the people I asked. Only the ranks were mentioned afaik. Usually a general category rank of upto 180 will get you to MNNIT. Ignoring the proximity of Delhi to MNNIT and taking purely academic and placements records, I would prefer Warangal, Surathkal and Trichy above Allahabad.

      • sir… during nimcet 2010 counselling in which order should i provide my priority ,purely based on academics n placements, starting from best in descending order…..
        acc to my sources it be
        nit trichy
        and i m not sure about the rest …..plz help….!!

      • yes, that’s about right, you could exchange surathkal and warangal if u want. NIT Durgapur also claims 100% placement records. You might want to include that as well.

  54. hi
    It was real fun reading ur blogs

    n all d stuff is really cool

    I hve got 7300 in 3e .Can I get admitted to IT
    also is there is branch change provision n r they feasible …..

    • Yes, i think it is highly likely you will get IT. Yes, branch sliding is possible and will be done according to your performance in the first year.

  55. Hello sir,
    may I know which one is better ???
    MNNIT aur NIT kurukshtra…
    in wat respects???
    n how much they differ.
    please help

    • Hi Khushi,
      It is generally believed MNNIT is better than NIT Kurukshetra. Some reasons will be the quality of faculty, facilities and students since most high rankers will choose MNNIT over NITKr. Also, MNNIT has a better reputation and this goes a long way in convincing good companies to come for recruitment.

  56. Hi, I have got shortlisted for M.Tech in EE. Can you guide me about its placement prospects? Thanks a lot.

    • @Nikhil. As far as I know, MTech EE placement is quite good. I know some who are even placed in foreign companies. That is the extent of my knowledge in this respect.

  57. hi,
    i m going to b there for counselling in civil mtech on 20th. any idea about the placements? n please tell me how to reach there from rly station in the morning… fare and route? approx time and distnce..

    • i dont know much about placements among civil engg students. To get to the institute, you can hire a tempo/auto from the station itself. You will have to spend around Rs.100. You may also find some students to share the auto with.
      For a cheaper alternative, take a rickshaw up to civil lines, tell them you want to go to the stand of the tempo going to Teliyarganj route. From the tempo stand, you can reach MNNIT directly. Most of the drivers do not know MNNIT, you can simply call it engineering college, or Motilal Engg College. A rickshaw ride from station to civil lines will cost Rs.10, a tempo from civil lines to MNNIT is about Rs.5

      • thanks a lot buddy…..this helps….

  58. hello.i am thinking of taking admission in production eng.(MNIT)(as my rank in aieee is not that good to take mechanical)…on the grounds that i will be able to upgrade my branch to mechanical on the basis of first year performance in….will it be an accomplishing task for a student to do so.what are the requirements for upgradation to mechanical..any iffs and buts?.is it an easy task in i don’t wanna get stuck in production eng. for 4 years…..please reply

    • @abhishek, yes you can upgrade your branch if your CPI during first year is high enough. Whether it is easy or not depend entirely on your commitment to work for the upgradation. However you must also remember that there are many students who take courses with the same intention of branch sliding. So there is no guarantee that you will be able to upgrade your branches. Be ready for some competition.

  59. hello.i am thinking of taking admission in production eng.(MNIT)(as my rank in aieee is not that good to take mechanical)…on the grounds that i will be able to upgrade my branch to mechanical on the basis of first year performance in….will it be an accomplishing task for a student to do so.what are the requirements for upgradation to mechanical..any iffs and buts?.is it an easy task in i don’t wanna get stuck in production eng. for 4 years…..please reply soon

  60. sir please can also send me some links where i can regular see what are career opportunities for mechanical engineers in india and abroad…….respective exams….scholarships..research programs.and others aspects…to absorb best from the engineering i will be a first year student but it is always better to start as early as possible(well begun is half done)

  61. sir please can u also send me some links where i can regular see what are career opportunities for mechanical engineers in india and abroad…….respective exams….scholarships..research programs.and others aspects…to absorb best from the engineering i will be a first year student but it is always better to start as early as possible(well begun is half done)

    • @abhishek, since I am not a mechanical engineering student, I dont have any clues about the career opportunities as such. However, you can visit and there is a section where you can ask any questions you want about your career.

  62. thank you sir for your precious reply

  63. thank you sir for your reoly………
    i also wanted to ask that what is actually production engineering branch…what type of study.?what is the scope in further studies and jobs(what kind of?).i have learned that it is a subdivision of mechanical engineering….
    can a student do from it from iits..actually i want to do in aerospace engineering so will it be possible through production engineering or mechanical??
    please also mention some psu’S and private sector seeking production engineers

    • @abhishek,
      Since I’m not a prod engg. student I dont think im the right person to tell you the prod. engg. situation. However, there is an NIT community in Orkut. The members are really active there. You will do well to contact them and ask for information which I’m sure will be better than the one given by me.

  64. thank you

  65. dear chhamanator,
    i am getting ECE at NIT suratkhal and MNNIT. My parents are preferring MNNIT over suratkhal as they think that I may face problem in karnatka as i dont know Kannada but i am quite fluent in english and hindi.
    So what will you suggest me – MNNIT or NIT suratkhal? comparing
    a) placement
    b) infrastructure
    c) ragging (i am scared although i know 2 2nd year boys – sheren and vishal)
    d) food (my mom used to say that dosa and sambhar at nit suratkhal would be unhygienic but SINCE NOW U ARE MENTIONING HOW MESSY IS MESS FOOD.)

    SO kindly reply – honestly and like an elder brother.

    • hi aakash,
      first of all, congratulations. Regarding the language problem, i dont think you will have any problem as english is extremely popular in south india. u might want to ask your friends sheren and vishal about the situation and decide accordingly.
      From your criteria, I would say NITK is better in placement and infrastructure. Regarding food, you will probably have to get used to South Indian food. However most North Indians also hate MNNIT food so its probably a case of choosing the better among two bad food. You have a good advantage in having friends who are at NITK. You can ask them how they coped with the food problem.
      Regarding ragging, MNNIT has done an incredible job of virtually eliminating the situation here. So I believe you might not face too many problems. And knowing some seniors does not really help anyway.

  66. thanx a lot for ur time, the two boys I mentioned are currenly studying at MNNIT not at NITK. so where should I go NITK or MNNIT.
    which one is better?

    is there’s any scope for MBA after taking ECE. or do u think for MBA any other branch would be better?

    is there is any coaching for CAT at allahabad or do u know any student from MNNIT who are attending CAT coaching?

    is chemistry compulsory subject in ECE?

    • To be perfectly honest, I think your friends are better suited to answer your questions. And it is entirely up to YOU to decide whether you want to join NITK or MNNIT. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. But I think most people will opt for NITK instead of MNNIT.
      Of course you can do MBA after ECE. Moreover the questions in CAT is not related to any specific branch. Therefore there is equal chance to get into IIM from any branch as far as I know.
      Yes, there are some coaching centers in Allahabad but I dont know if they are any good.
      For any additional inquiry you can visit the Orkut NIT community. The people there are very helpful and will gladly clear any doubts you have.

  67. hi sir i qualified iit dis year with not so good rank and was getting back branches at it bhu……………my aieee rank was 2345 and would have easily got nits like surathkal warangal etc. but my parents forced me to join mechanical here ………………..also i was getting cse at iiit hyderabad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sir i just wanna ask one thing have i done a mistake by opting for this?????????coz after reading your blog i feel the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

    • it is difficult to say whether you make a mistake as you did not mention what kind of courses you would like to take. Since you have already been admitted anyway, I think the best option would be to try your best in Mechanical at IT BHU

      • I read some of these ……
        It was so good.I like these type of things.

        I am a student of NIT-A , in ||nd year bio technology.
        I am a allahabadi guy, from hindi medium school .

        I think in all NITS , it is best for everyone.

  68. MNNITians rock,It is the best nit in india believe it or not,V luk inferior just coz our prof.s dont know english ,Allahabad is a developing city,our college funds r ravaged by u knw whom,our college building luks old.

  69. chhamanator bhai,
    plz see the following links,_Allahabad#Notable_alumni

    this is only a few names.. but inspite of that greater than any of NIT can check on wikipedia.
    the number of engg students who crack IAS are from MNNIT, 30 to 35 per year

    the PCS Topper of 2008 z frm MNNIT
    home secretory of U.P. z our alumni and 1 of our profs MR. V K Bindal z among recruitment committee 4 UPSC

    so plz think twice before misleading……

    • now when did I ever mention that MNNIT does not produce good engineers? Please read the post again.

  70. sir i have got 1449(AIR open) rank in nimcet…..what do u thing what prefrence should i lock so that i can get into any nit.?? and do u think that i will b able to get any?

    • @rajshree, unfortunately, unless it is different this year I dont think your rank is good enough to get admission. Only general candidates with AIR below 1000 are usually called for councelling and the lowest rank admitted is usually between 600 and 700.

      • ok thax
        i hv been called 4 counsling
        what preferences shud i give??
        ……………………so is it ok?

      • i think thats about right. Although some might disagree, they are more or less at the same level in terms of placements etc with NIT Kurukshetra having a slight edge. So you might want to consider your proximity to the institute as well….

  71. sir,I have been alloted a seat for mca in mnnit.But I am also selected in bit mesra for mca.Considering everything like placements,faculty,food and other facilities too, i am really confused.Can you please guide me which will be a better place for me to take admission??

  72. Is is better to go for M.Tech. in software Engineering from MNNIT or Comp. Sci. from NIT Nagpur or NIT Bhopal???
    Please reply soon sir as the dates for admissions is 4-6 july in MNNIT…

    • I dont know how good the engineering programs in other NITs are, so I cannot really tell you to choose between NITs. However, MNNIT has a better reputation than either Bhopal or Nagpur. So I think the quality of recruiters would be better at MNNIT than the other two NITs. It really is up to you to decide which is better for you..

    • which college did u chose?

      i have the same doubt1

      • I dont know much about NIT Nagpur but CS in MNNIT is extremely good

  73. sir,
    I have been selected for mca in mnnit.But i want to know about the placement there.I have learnt that there is a lot of differentiation between mca and btech students.And mca students are not even allowed to sit for the placements of some companies.Is it true?

    • Placement is as good as any other institute. Yes there are some companies that take only BTechs and there are companies that take only MCAs and this is entirely dependent on the job profile of the companies. But you will be able to sit for 90% of the companies at least. Just make sure you have a CPI of at least 8.

      • thanx sir..
        I have another query too.Sir, I have learnt that there is relative grading there.I just want to know what is this relative grading? And I also have a little doubt about the faculty.How is the faculty there?

  74. Simply put, relative grading means that your grade will be determined relative to the marks secured by your classmates. There are grades for each subject: A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D and E. For a particular subject, if you are among the top 3 or 5 highest scorers, you will be awarded A+, if you are between 5-10, you will get an A. This is just an example and the cutoff will be dependent on each teacher and the overall performance of the class. In fact, teachers can refuse to give A+ or even A to anyone if the overall performance is not up to the mark.

    Now, onto the importance of grades. Every subject has a weight attached to it according to their importance. For example, C programming will carry a weight of 0.5 while Financial Accounting will carry a weight of 0.3. At the beginning, you will be given 10 points (your CPI). Suppose you get A+ in C programming, no points will be deducted from your CPI of 10. But suppose you get an A, then half of 0.5=0.25 will be deducted from 10. If you get B+, 0.5 will be deducted and if you get B, 0.75 will be deducted and so on. In the same way, if you get an A in Financial Accounting 0.15 will be deducted, if you get a B+, 0.3 will be deducted and so on. So if you get B+ in C programming and A in Financial Accounting, 0.5+0.15=0.65 will be deducted. So, your CPI will now be 10-0.65=9.35. There are 5 subjects in each semester and I would suggest you pay the highest attention to 0.5 subjects because they can really make or break your CPIs
    Most of the faculty are very good except for maybe 1 or 2. In the end it really is up to you how good you become and is not really dependent on the teachers.

    • I am really grateful to you sir for clearing my doubts.

  75. which is good…environmental engineering from DTU or ECE from MNNIT?

  76. SIR…i got 278 rank in nimcet 2012 in open cat.. which three nits choice should i opt for.. in term placemant and living environment…

  77. sir. i was getting cs and me in mnnit this year but i chose ece because i thought it has more my decision all ryt ? i was also getting ece 5 yr at iiit hyderabad …pls.. reply soon

  78. hey cham. i have newly joined mnnit(6 month back) as faculty and i m not associated with mnnit previously. i have got chance to visit most of the places of inida from north to south. i m 2k6 batch btech from amu, aligarh then i was in iit madras. i tell u the recent position of nit is way better than what impression this post is giving(maybe situation changed here immenesely) so effectively u r doing bad for your alma mater. its my advice to u, if u cant do any good, dont project poor picture of mnnit. this is my honest advice not bcoz i m faculty here

    • Your comment made me happy. I hope I get MNNIT this year.

  79. Sir,im am a student of MNNIT allahabad,nd my poitnter betwen 5-6,my branch is IT.
    can i get online campus placement in IT branch.

    • yes. but it will be difficult to get into good companies

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