Posted by: khring | July 8, 2008

My Days in a Hospital

Due to a fever that was quite persistent and intent on causing me discomfort, pain and dizziness, I had to be admitted to a hospital.

I was very reluctant at first. I have this fear of hospitals, and would not give a straight answer when asked if I wanted to be admitted. I finally gave my consent, considering that I have been ill for the past two weeks without my fever showing signs of letting up.

Even on the way to the hospital, my fever decided to make me feel even more uncomfortable, and my body shiverd all the way. When we reached the hospital, a doctor gave me a quick check and admitted me.

It was quite some time before they could give me a bed that I longed to rest my weary body in, and I continued to shiver endlessly. Finally, a nurse came and led me to my bed. I quickly laid myself and rolled what blankets I had over me, but I continued to shiver. After some time, some nurses came to hang an iv drip. It was then that they were enlightened to the fever that was causing me so much discomfort. After some time, I was given a shot of pain reliever in my butt. As the needle pierced my butt, I could not help but jerk shockingly. Then, I was left to myself. I fell asleep soon after, and when I woke up I thought that the day was soon to end, but that was not so. I discovered that I had slept but an hour. I was admitted at around 11, fell asleep around 12 and to my disbelief, woke up at around 1pm. How I wished I had slept through the whole day.

Dinner was served at around 4, but I did not have the appetite to even eat a bit of the dinner that was served. The aroma of the cooked meat made me feel a bit nauseous. After a lot of determination, I was able to finish 1/3 of my meal. Then, quickly got myself back to bed.

Even though I did not have family around, I did’nt feel alone. There was this elder(putar) who was quite lively and talkative. His conversations got the whole room laughing. I don’t know whether he was a bit deaf or whether he was blessed with a louder voice box. Every word that came out of his mouth pierced my ears even when I was wearing earphones and listening to some music. Our room was never dull.

But, I saw some things that astonished me (I don’t know whether other hospitals are the same). For instance, some people, patients included, smoked openly in the ward. I wondered why the nurses and hospital staff never bothered to prohibit them. Another thing, relatives, friends etc could come in at any time and make loud conversations. This sometimes pissed me off, especially when I was trying to get some shut eye after not being able to sleep the whole night. Even when I felt quite sleepy, their conversations would keep me awake and eventually, I was awake the whole night. I could not sleep during the day or night. When I was finally discharged after one week’s stay, I felt very tired and quickly got to bed (after having a nice refreshing bath, of course). I had to resort to taking sleeping pills for I felt I needed to sleep pronto. I could not do with another night awake in bed.

During my stay,relatives,friends who came to visit were truly a sight for sore eyes. I would also get some pocket money from them (that was the better part. hehe!). And there was also a nurse who would come to check my bp and temperature and she was one of the things that made my stay at the hospital a lot less boring than staying at a hospital used to be. Eventually, I got her number or should I say she got my number. hehe!. Lucky Me.

My stay at the hospital made me realize how blessed I am, to have family, friends and relatives who would look over me and come to my need when I need them. Like the saying goes “A friend in need is truly a friend indeed”, and I thank the Lord for giving me such good friends.



  1. thank you .

  2. Tell me more about the nurse…..

  3. Hey dude, hope you’re feeling a lot better now…

  4. I sure am. About the nurse, she’s an angel. hehe. Maybe, I’ll give you more info when I get to know her more.

  5. Me too, me too 🙂

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