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What every new MNNITian should know – Updated

UPDATE: Turns out the institute does not impose any official clothes as previously written. So there is no need of bringing white clothes as uniforms for BTech freshers.

First of all, let me congratulate you for making it to MNNIT. As you are well aware, MNNIT is one of the best institute offering technical education in the country. The sheer number of candidates seeking admission to this institute is testament to that fact. So, you should consider yourself lucky that you have secured admission here. However, it’s not going to be all rosy when you start your life here. You will, of course, have to adjust to many things in your first few months and will do so for the rest of your stay in this institute.

Some of the things that is being done here will appear strange to you and some may even offend you. Your best reaction is to focus on your primary goal of trying to be the best in what you do and not let other details bother you. Below are some tidbits of information that might prove useful to your. These are drawn from experience (although not a whole lot) and I do hope they are of some use to you. These tips are not meant to get you the job you want. I don’t have a clue about that. But I believe an institute is not only a place to get trained for a job but rather a place where you learn about life and about yourself. So this post is rather about surviving and learning to enjoy the institute while developing both your personality and technical knowledge. Read on..

I What to bring to the institute:
1. Demand draft

Please dont forget to bring the fees in DEMAND DRAFT ONLY. No other form of money (Cheque, cash)will be accepted.

II What you don’t need to bring:
1. Plates, spoons, forks etc:
There are plenty of these in the refectory and you wouldn’t need to bring any of these.

2. Warm clothes and blankets:
Allahabad is awfully cold during the winter months and you need plenty of warm clothing then. However, the really cold season will start from December. You will have a chance to go home for a little over a week during the month of October, so you can bring any warm clothes when you return from there. Since this is your first trip, you’ll probably have loads of stuff to bring, its better to bring the warm stuff on your next trip.

3. ‘Official’ Clothes:
I’ve put this under the “What you should bring” category. The institute has made it absolutely clear that no official clothes for BTech freshers is imposed and instructed the freshers not to bring such clothes. BTech freshers wore white overalls last year for a couple of month and I am informed that it is in response to the order given by the institute. So, in all likelihood, you wouldn’t need any special uniforms.

III What you will need to buy from here:
1. A bucket
2. Mug
3. Mosquito repellant
4. Set square, compasses, calculators etc.
All these are sold in the hostel canteens and you can get them easily from there.

IV Be competitive
You’ll be facing competition like you’ve never faced before. This is the hallmark of a great college and your best option is to keep competing. But please remember that you are competing with your friends and not your enemies. So don’t resort into dirty trick because even if you win the competition, you’re still an asshole for resorting to such dirty tricks. Always try to stay competitive and don’t let success or failure stop you from achieving your dreams. And believe me, you’re only as good as your last result in here.

V Don’t let ragging get you down
It is almost a certainty that you will be ragged in some degree. The institute is doing what it can to stop this menace but they will always be some idiots who will try to rag innocent freshers. If you are unlucky enough to face ragging, try not to take it personal and don’t stoop to the level of these idiots. And please, please don’t even think of commiting suicide. These idiots never learn and all you’ll be successful in doing is hurt the ones you love. So, bear it out and when you have a chance to rag, take the high road and help your freshers as much as you can.

VI Choose your friends wisely
There is a fair chance that the people you stick with at the beginning of the semester will not be the people you hang out with at the end of your studies. There will be many people who act like friends but will not hesitate in backstabbing you on the first chance they get. Try to choose your friends carefully and don’t trust anyone blindly. It may take a semester to know who your true friends are. Before that, always be on the alert. While it is best to have friends from all over the country, always be close to people from your own state because at the end of the day, these people are your best bet when you need help and the will seldom disappoint you.

VII Develop an iron stomach
I’ve written about the food so many times and I’m simply repeating myself. Let me just say deal with it in whatever way you can and all the best in that.

VIII Always be alert
In your first couple of months, you’ll have lots of activities to keep up with. Announcements and notices from the library, dean academic, dean of student affairs etc. Be alert all the time and make sure you don’t miss any important announcements. For these, the only person you can fully trust is you.

There are probably lots of stuff I should add to the list. I’ll try to add those the next time. Let me conclude by saying welcome to MNNIT and if you have any queries or problems I can help you with, feel free to use the comment box or email me at chhamanator[at]gmail[dot]com.



  1. Dear Friend,

    I am the father of a first year who has just joined your college. having been anxious about the college i had done a lot of reading in regards to MNNIT. I found that your comments regarding the college and Ahmedabad to be very true and thank you for having prepaired us in advance. My son is from Chennai and also a non vegetarian (We are christians who eat non veg almost daily)finds it tough in the mess already. Please let me know if there is any alternative.He cannot speak Hindi either. Let me know how you managed.

    With best regards


  2. @Mr Kirubaharan,
    Thank you for your comment. I have sent you an email to the email address you provided. Please check it.

  3. How much is the fee for B-Tech/semester?


  5. hi,
    i am preeti chhabra from delhi. i have not yet joined this college but am planning to. i have read ur views abt the clg and found them helpful. i want to know more abt hostel facilities. my registration for mca is on 23 july 2011. do i need to book hostel before seperately or is it provided to u always at the time of registration?. what if i dont get the institute. hostel… as there are only 2 girls hostel..?i also read somewhere that this college is not recommended for girls.. is it true?does the ratio of girls to boys in mca programme.vary greatly?
    if the hostel rooms are overcrowded then i believe i cant study because there will always be noise around.. since i am leaving my home to join the hostel for the very first time i am very much nervous for the same .. can u please tell me a little more abt hostel life..
    waiting for ur reply..
    preeti chhabra

    • Hi Preeti,
      Hostel allotment will be done during registration. There is no need of booking in advance. All girls will be guaranteed a seat in one of the 2 hostels. I have never heard my female classmates and friends complaining about their safety. In a typical MCA class there will be around 70% boys to 30% girls or less.
      I heard the construction of the new mega hostel will be completed before classes commence for this semester. So overcrowding may no longer be a problem (although I am not sure about that). There’s always a time for fun and studies so I dont think noise will be a problem. Everyone has the same concern before joining and everyone adapts fine. Im sure you will do the same. Wish you all the best.

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