Posted by: The Chhamanator | November 25, 2009

I should probably work on a new post




  1. Yes you should……………….. probably!

  2. or you should post a work on a new probability

  3. can u tell me abt d nit a can get on rank 336..plzzzz

    • If you are talking about AIEEE rank then you will get any courses you want.

  4. ya definetely you should ……… by the way wht is the aver package offered to a mechanical student at mnnit ……….. plzzzz tell if you have any idea

  5. plzzz reply …… my above question somebody plzz

    • @deepkush, im not entirely sure but average packages are usually in the range of 3-4 lakhs for all streams.

  6. thankss a lot

  7. Tell me which is the best for me mca or mba i am bca-2 student

    • hi Sunil
      I don’t usually send emails, however, I do reply to the ones sent to me. Regarding the number of seats in each colleges, you may visit the website of each institute or go to where most of the information regarding MCA admission is available.
      Regarding MCA vs MBA, if it is money you are after, then MBA is definitely the better choice. Moreover, MBA is a management course so they will be higher up the organization pyramid. However, if your passion lies in technology and you want to delve deeper in computer education then MCA is better than MBA.
      The most important thing is to decide what kind of career you want for yourself and decide accordingly.

  8. Tell me no. Of seat in nits,pune uni.,delhi uni. For mca

  9. Tell me on

  10. Yes, and please check out Ali Mir Cobra

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