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  1. So , am in Italy and a colleague wanted to know about my college MNNIT , Allahabad. I typed ‘MNNIT’ on Google and so much as I wanted to hit the first link , my italian friend said we try the ‘5 Things I hate about MNNIT’.

    Am not really embarrassed much , though I was trying to explain to him where NIT’s stand as compared to the IIT’s in India. But its just made me a little sad as the college gave me a lot and in return I could only convince someone to believe that its just a rotten city of ‘cowdung’ weather and people land up with ‘Call Center’ jobs mostly.


  2. Hmmmmm @ Charu ..If in case you are gonna revisit this blog again which i m pretty sure u wont ……its like frm wateva u have said in the above post , I believe its your fault on a higher side as compared to wat u n ur frnd gt in teh search result as 5 things i hate abt MNNIT…..as there will be many many bad things written or said abt one’s college but its the brand name which you carry with you (u become the brand ambassador of ur college once u passout and go to corporate wrld and) and its ur responsibility to carry the legacy and share it wid others wich ur college has njoyed for the past 47 yrs……..
    Tc ……
    btw r u Charu Srivastava frm 2006 CSE batch.

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